Inappropriate Sonic
Inappropriate Sonic
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July 2, 2010 (Smosh)
May 23, 2012 (El Smosh)
October 17, 2016 (Smosh Animated)

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Anthony, Ian

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Inappropriate Sonic is a Smosh Short video. It was uploaded on July 2, 2010.


Ian is seen painting something blue and is carefully applying the blue paint at a spot. Anthony starts to run in the room, yelling Ian's name in panic. Ian turns around to ask "What?", and before Anthony was about to tell Ian what he was panicked about, Anthony says, "What...the...f**k?"

Ian shows Anthony his painting of Sonic the Hedgehog and asks Anthony if he likes it. Anthony points out that the shoes are wrong (they're green; Sonic's shoes are normally red). Ian quickly paints to try to fix Sonic's shoes, but the shoes are not only still green, but they are now high heels. Anthony tells him that the shoes are still wrong. Ian repaints Sonic's feet, but ends up giving Sonic bananas for feet, making Anthony tells him it's wrong again. Ian repaints again, only this time, giving Sonic penises with testicles for feet, getting Anthony disgusted and making him say "Ew, God, no." Ian vigorously repaints and then asks if it's right. Anthony points out that it's still the same. Ian repaints one last time and then asks if he's right. Anthony says, "Close enough," but the painting is back to where it started, except a penis and testicles are now painted on Sonic's groin.

Ian asks what Anthony was going to tell him about when he first ran into the room. Anthony at first forgets, but then he remembers that there is a bomb on the table set to detonate in one minute. Ian asks how long it's been. Anthony checks his Reptar wristwatch and tries to tell him that it's been 59 seconds. However, before Anthony can finish declaring the elapsed time, the bomb detonates and the room explodes, supposedly killing Ian and Anthony.


Inappropriate Sonic/Script


  • This is the final Smosh Short Video
  • In the video on YouTube, an annotation appears shortly after Ian shows off his painting saying, "Thumbs up for Sonic's wrong shoes!"; another annotation appears later reading, "Comment 'Dickfeet' if you see this," with "Dickfeet" referring to Sonic's penis-shaped shoes.
  • The Twilight Pokemon cards on Smosh Productions' website are advertised in this video before the subscription ending and right after the explosion fades out.
  • Anthony wears the same Rugrats Reptar watch from The Haunting
  • It's possible that Smosh made this video because Sonic doesn't naturally wear clothes.
  • The reason why Sonic's shoes weren't changed to red is because Ian didn't have any red paint.
  • When Ian was correcting the mistakes he made with Sonic's shoes, there were pencil sketching sounds even though he's painting
  • The incarnation of Sonic that Ian is painting appears to be the incarnation from the first two games.

Quotes: (Uncut)

Anthony: Ian, Ian.

Ian: What!

Anthony: What...The..F**k?"

Subscription Ending

"And thank you for the subscribing of the channels and such and I like it and I wanna give you a big smooch on your cheek for it."

Shut Up! Opening

"(Green Hill Zone music sped up) ...SHUT UP!"



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