"*Super Mario Bros. Game Over jingle* SHUT UP!"
If Video Games Were Real 2
If Video Games Were Real 2


April 13, 2012 (Smosh)
April 15, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, video game characters

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If Video Games Were Real 2 is a Smosh video uploaded on April 13, 2012 and is the tenth installment of the If ___ Were Real series and the sequel to If Video Games Were Real.


When Ian complains on how unrealistic Mortal Kombat is because of Kitana's skimpy clothing in the game, Anthony asks him how stupid video games would be if they were realistic.



Anthony is playing as Kitana in Mortal Kombat when Ian complains that no girl that hot would wear skimpy clothes and beat the crap out of people. Anthony says it's just a video game and asks Ian how stupid video games would be if they were actually realistic.

Video Games Spoofed


Goldeneye 007

James Bond (Anthony) runs around a truck and shoots one of the henchmen. The other two start shooting at him. James then checks his watch, which would be the menu for the game. The two henchmen stare at James for a while, waiting, and one of them shrugs and then shoots him with his pistol.


Rock Band

Anthony, Ian and their two friends prepare to perform Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana on stage. Aside from the horrible singing, they make no music with the instrument controllers.


Final Fantasy VII

Cloud Strife (Anthony) is having trouble carrying his huge Buster Sword.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Fox (Anthony), Snake, Jigglypuff, and Link (Ian) are fighting on a playground set when Fox tells them to stop. He tells the three that they should get off the playground set and do something perductive with their lives. He turns to jump off and remarks that it's only a 4 foot drop. However, as soon as Fox jumps off the playground set, he is KO'd and loses his last stock. Snake tells Link and Jigglypuff that he'd rather stay on, and the other two agree.

Resident Evil 4

Leon Kennedy (Anthony) is typing on a typewriter when a panicked Ashley Graham asks what Leon is doing. Leon tells Ashley that he's "saving" and continues typing, muttering "God, what does it look like?".


Courier text reads "This clip was removed because terrorist jokes aren't funny."


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

An old lady is panicking about her cat that is stuck on a street sign. The Dragonborn (Ian) comes in and tells the old lady that he'll take care of it. He uses the Unrelenting Force Shout ("Fus Ro Dah") on the cat, sending it flying. The old lady gasps in horror, but the Dragonborn just says, "Uhh, you're welcome!" and leaves.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Two soldiers are on the ground, in need of assistance when one of them says that it's no use, because everybody's camping. A third soldier appears and shoots aimlessly, all the while shouting "TAKE THIS YOU C**K SUCKING F***ERS! YOU F***ING D***LETS! YOU CAN'T EVEN PLAY THIS F***ING GAME! HEY, SUCK MY D***! IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? HELLO? MOM, WHERE'S MY ENERGY DRINK? I DON'T WANT THAT SH**! CHOCOLATE MILK IS FOR PUSSIES, MOM!", in a kid's voice, a nod to the stereotype of little children playing Call of Duty. One of the soldiers says he doesn't want to live on this planet anymore.


Duck Hunt

Sergeant Anous arrests two men for hunting without a permit and crossing the line by shooting at a dog jeering at them. However, the said dog pops out of the bushes and laughs. A scared Anous shoots the dog and kills it.

Deleted Scenes


Ian is going to the left and right to catch the ball, coming at him at an incredibly slow speed, but misses it and ends up screaming in frustration.


Ian eats a ball of dough to "see what it tastes like." Anthony starts blinking and Ian stares at Anthony lustfully, licking his lips. The next scene shows Ian devouring Anthony's arm while the latter screams in agony.


Ian admits that video games would be stupid if they were realistic and Anthony remarks that Ian's just never going to take his word for it. Ian admits that he never will before leaving for his rollerblade lessons, struggling to skate out the house. As Ian starts to head for his lessons, he stumbles and accidentally gropes Kitana. Ian tries to explain that it wasn't what it looked like, but Kitana punches Ian in anger and uses her finishing fire breath move to incinerate him.

Alternate Ending

When Ian accidentally gropes Kitana, he says, "Oops!"


If Video Games Were Real 2/Script


  • This is the third video in the If...Were Real series that lacks a "Censored" Bar in the thumbnail, the first being If Video Games Were Real second was If Kids Shows Were Real.
    • Coincidentally, two of those videos, this and it's predecessor did not have the censored bar in the thumbnail.
  • In the Skyrim scene, the street signs read "Arrow" and "Knee," referencing the "Arrow to the Knee" meme.
  • This is Fox's second appearance after STAR FOX TV SHOW!.
  • Link appears for the third time since The Legend of Zelda Rap and If Video Games Were Real
  • This is the second appearance of Jigglypuff since POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 4!, not counting its carcass appearances on Lunchtime with Smosh.
    • It is unknown if Kalel Cullen, Anthony's girlfriend, played Jigglypuff again
  • Snake appears again after If Video Games Were Real, but is played by someone other than Ian.
  • This video perhaps set a record for featuring the most varieties of design art, costumes, and guest stars to appear, especially since this is a "If...Were Real" video.
  • In the ending scene when Kitana does a fatality, she uses Scorpion's fatality, "Toasty" on Ian.
  • This is the first If...Were Real series video to be released on El Smosh.
  • In the end scene, the FATALITY logo showed up before the winner's name, when it should be the other way around.
  • During the Goldeneye scene, Anthony shoots a terrorist holding the same Black Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 from A Very Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays.
  • Kitana's victory pose in this video is the same as Chun-Li's from the Street Fighter franchise.
  • Kitana's hair was brown in this video. It is normally black in her franchise (Mortal Kombat).
  • Ian's rollerskating ringtone is a Power Ranger beep tune.

Subscription Ending

"Click the subscribe button to get an extra life! Click! Click it! Get a life! Get it? Get a life? It's a joke, you're supposed to laugh at the jokes? Fine, be that way! I'm gonna go jump off this ledge! *Mario death jingle*"


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