If Video Games Were Real
If Video Games Were Real
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March 26, 2010

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If...Were Real

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, numerous video game characters

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If Video Games Were Real is the second video in the "If...Were Real" series by Smosh.

If Video Games Were Real Title

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Ian is watching Anthony play Halo, when Ian suddenly complains about Master Chief's superhuman strength. Anthony then tells him to name one videogame that would still be fun if it was realistic Anthony disagrees and says that video games wouldn't be good if they were realistic.

Video Games Spoofed

Super Mario Bros.

Princess Peach, depicted as a prostitute (Ian) tells Mario (Anthony) that if he wants sex from her, it's gonna cost him. Mario tells her he'll pay her in gold coins by punching a brick above him. Mario jumps up, hits the brick, but screams in pain instead.

Wii Sports

Ian and Anthony are trying to play tennis, but they very obviously suck at the game. Eventually, Anthony gives up, throws his racket on the ground, and says "Tennis sucks!"

Metal Gear Solid

Colonel Campbell (played by one of Ian and Anthony's neighbors) briefs Snake (Ian) and orders him to infiltrate Otacon's new base. Snake assures the Colonel that he knows what to do.

The screen then shifts to two guards with Snake crawling inside a cardboard box. One of the guards spots Snake and neutralizes him with his rifle.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Four turtles are shown inside of a pet aquarium.


Three toads are shown inside a terrarium.

Katamari Damacy

The Prince Of All Cosmos(Ian) is attempting to roll things up with an inflatable bouncy ball. Anthony explains to a girl that he was dropped on his head as a child. The Prince then rolls the ball around Anthony and the woman, attempting to roll them up.

The Sims

Ian, two guys, and a girl are sitting on a couch. A terrified Anthony runs in and says "Someone removed the freakin' toilet!". Everybody starts screaming in horror.

Tomb Raider

Lara is running through a forest. She stops and rests by a tree, exclaiming her back hurts from her breast implants.



The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Link (Ian) is vandalizing someone's front yard and smashing their pottery. Suddenly, the owner of the house (Anthony) walks out and asks him, "What the hell are you doing with all of my stuff?" Link says he's "looking for Rupees" and continues to defile the house.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Two burglars (played by Ian and Anthony) are beating up Sonic with baseball bats. The one on the right (Anthony) tells his friend he's not seeing any gold rings asks if the other sees any. The other burglar (Ian) says there's no rings, he's just seeing blood.

Deleted Scenes


A carjacker (Anthony) is running away from Sergeant Anous (Ian). He runs up to a parked car and tries to break the window open with his elbow, but does not even damage it. Anous corners him, and the "Busted" screen from the Grand Theft Auto series appears.


Maxwell (Ian) is eating a sandwich, when he realizes that he's thirsty. He writes the word 'milk' on a piece of paper, and impatiently waits for his milk to appear. When it doesn't, Maxwell yells "Bob Saget!" out of frustration (a reference to Bob Saget, host of 1 vs. 100).


After Anthony's Xbox 360 gets the Red Ring of Death again, Ian decides to cheer Anthony up by going to his mom's house and bring over a Nintendo 64. On the way there, Ian gets a text from Anthony, which tells him to bring Goldeneye. Distracted, Ian bumps into a bookshelf, which falls on him. Ian isn't strong enough to take it off, and calls for help. Master Chief then shows up, and offers some help. He tries to lift the bookshelf, but walks away in frustration when he can't lift it. Ian angrily yells at Master Chief, saying he won't care if it took him "ten minutes or ten years" to get out. Ten years pass, and a skeleton is seen under the bookshelf. Ian then walks up and asks who left the skeleton under the bookshelf.


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  • This  is the first episode to have an animated title card, before If Movies Were Real 2, If Video Games Were Real 2, and If TV Shows were Real.
  • When Ian checks the text on his iPhone, Anthony's last name is "Padildo" instead of "Padilla". This was seen again in THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERSWORST ID PHOTO EVER, Stop Copying Me!THAT DAMN MOVIE! and We're Stuck in Slow Motion.
  • Ian's mobile provider is GAYT&T, referencing the reputed poor coverage and service of the network.
  • After discovering the missing toilet in the Sims segment, Anthony wet his pants while screaming with the others.
  • The area in the Metal Gear Solid scene is the exterior of the E.R. building in MY NEW HOT GIRLFRIEND.
  • This was one of the only three videos in the series whose thumbnail does not have the "censored" bar. The others were If Kids Shows Were Real and this video's proceder, If Video Games Were Real 2.
  • In the Metal Gear Solid sketch, Colonel Campbell is contacting Snake through frequency 141.12, which is Otacon's frequency. In fact, the frequency should have been 140.85.
  • In the Metal Gear Solid sketch, Otacon is portrayed as an enemy of Snake's, when he is actually an ally in the series.
  • In the Tomb Raider sketch, one of Lara Croft's guns has an orange tip that has been taped over.
  • In the Tomb Raider sketch, the woman playing Lara Croft speaks in an American accent, while Lara is depicted as British in the games.
  • This is Ian's only appearance as Link where he has his normal hair instead of a blonde wig.

Shut Up! Opening

"PS3 is better than Xbox, and Wii is for little girls! SHUT UP!"


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