Cowboys & Aliens

(an alien mothership is floating in the sky)

Cowboy: RRAAAH! Die you aliens! (starts screaming and firing at the mothership with his pistols, then stops) ...Hm?

(the mothership fires a laser at the cowboy and vaporizes him)


boy: oh my gosh, the monster is destroying the city

( the boy plays with the camera to make them think that the monsters are real)

Star Wars

Darth Vader: no i am you father

Luke : no, it's not true, that's impossible

host: the results are in, you are the father

Luke: oh f@¡k you nerf herding piece of s"¡t

Loni Love: Oh! Hell no!

Back to the Future

Inside the Delorean Time Machine

Doc: When this baby hits 88 miles an hour, we will travel thru time!

Marty: Then we'd better hurry up, Doc, there's a building up ahead.

Doc: 86 miles an hour!, 88 miles an hour!...

(The Delorean crashes and the two die)

Music: R.I.P Marty and Doc

Planet of the Apes

(the apes throwing poop)

Ian: this planet sucks.


(Elliot opens the closet)

E.T.: Elliot.

Elliot: Ah! (shoots down E.T. and kills it) Ah, I thought you were a black midget.

Loni Love: (shows up) Oh hell no!

The Matrix

(Neo reveals his boner)

Neo:So glad i took the blue pill

The Dark Knight

Joker: You wanna know how I got these scars?

Batman: Hmm...acne?

Joker: How did you know?

(Batman lifts his mask, showing he has acne with the caption saying, "ACNE SUCKS")


(Jack and Rose look at the view on the nose of the Titanic)

Rose: Wait, you're poor? Ew! (pushes Jack and leaves)

Jack: Wait-Wait-Wait! Wahahahah! (falls off the ship)

Loni Love: (appears on the iceberg) Oh hell no!

Avatar (Deleted)

Predator (Deleted)


Ian: Yeah i guess that will be stupid if it was realistic.

Anthony: Yup like always.

Ian: *Watches the Watch* oh crap im gonna be late for my date.

Anthony: Lunch with your mom's friend does not count as a date.

Ian: Yes it does! (outside) Hey mom! yeah! ill be right there! now you're sure milk will be there Right? *gets hit by a firetruck* *Gasps*

Anthony: Lunch with your mom's friend does not count as a date.

Ian: I have to find the way to cheat death. oh i know! Hey anthony i dropped the corner in the street if you wanted

Anthony: F**K YEAH!!!! hahahaah! *goes outside*

(at the street)

Anthony: Are you sure!? i don't see anything out here!

Ian: Are you sure that there arn't any like firetrucks or an-*gets hit by a firetruck again

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