If Movies Were Real 2
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July 29, 2011

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Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Darth Vader, a black woman,Batman, various movie characters

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If Movies Were Real 2 is the eighth video of Smosh's "If... Were Real" series, as well as the sequel to the previous video If Movies Were Real.

Brief Synopsis: When Ian complains about the lack of realism in the Final Destination movie he and Anthony are watching, Anthony once again asks him how stupid movies would be if they were actually realistic.



Ian and Anthony were watching a Final Destination movie, when Ian comments how dumb it is for someone to get a premonition and use it to avoid his or her death. Anthony then asks Ian how stupid movies would be if they were actually realistic.

Movies Spoofed

Cowboys & Aliens

A cowboy starts to fire his pistols at a giant alien Mothership. However, the bullets have no effect. The mothership then vaporizes the cowboy.


Rob shouts, "Oh my god, the monster's destroying the city!" as the camera moves the same way in the actual movie. However, it reveals Rob just flailing around with the camera to make it look like a monster attack, even forcing the camera between his legs and under his crotch.

Star Wars

Darth Vader tells Luke that Vader is Luke's father, to which Luke says, "No, it's not true! That's impossible!" The scene then cuts to a TV set, and Maury Povich reveals to the audience that "the results are in": Vader is indeed Luke's father. As Luke curses at Maury and the studio audience cheers, comedian Loni Love appears out of the audience and shouts, "OH HELL NO!"

Back to the Future

Doc Brown and Marty are going really fast in the Delorean Time Machine, with Doc explaining that they'll travel through time once it reaches 88 miles per hour. Marty warns that there's a building ahead. Right when the car reaches 88 miles per hour, they crash and die.

Planet of the Apes

Monkeys are throwing feces at Ian and Anthony. Ian says the planet sucks.


Elliot opens the closet to find E.T. inside. However, Elliot gets shocked by his appearance and shoots E.T., killing him. Elliot thought E.T. was a black midget. Loni Love pops up next to Elliot and shouts, "OH HELL NO!"

The Matrix

Neo opens his jacket to reveal a boner. He says he's glad he took the blue pill.

The Dark Knight

The Joker asks Batman how he got his scars. Batman answers, "Acne." The Joker is shocked at how Batman knew. Batman removes part of his mask to reveal acne scars on his cheeks, and the message "Acne sucks" is shown.


Jack is holding onto Rose at the stern of the Titanic. When Rose suddenly realizes Jack is poor, she throws him overboard in disgust and runs away. Loni Love pops up on an iceberg and shouts, "OH HELL NO!"

Deleted Scenes


Jake and Neytiri stare at each other lustfully as they slowly put the tips of their dreadlocks closer together. However, once they touch, Jake comments, "Worst sex ever!"


A woman invites the Predator inside. Chris Hansen appears once again, this time more tanned, and asks the Predator to take a seat. The Predator sulks down and says "Oh s***."


Ian then admits that movies would be stupid if they were realistic and Anthony replies, "Yup, like always." Ian checks his watch and says that he's going to be late for his date. Anthony says, "Lunch with your mom's friend does not count as a date!" and Ian defensively argues that it does. As Ian leaves the house, he starts to call his mom about the lunch. As he was crossing the street, Ian gets run over by a firetruck.

It then turns out that Ian had a premonition of his death right before Anthony said, "Lunch with your mom's friend does not count as a date!" Ian then has to come up with a way to cheat death. So he tells Anthony that he dropped a quarter on the street and asks if Anthony wants it. Anthony happily agrees. On the street, Anthony searches for the quarter as Ian waits for him to get run over by a firetruck. The video ends when said firetruck splatters Ian instead.


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  • Oddly enough, even though the Avatar spoof was cut from the video, a Na'vi can be seen in the thumbnail.
  • In the Star Wars clip, Ian, while spoofing Luke Skywalker, spits when he starts saying "impossible."
  • The blue pill Neo took may actually be a Viagra pill.
  • In the Cowboys vs. Aliens scene Anthony shoots 15 shots from 2 revolvers, when in reality he could only shoot 12.
  • The fact that that the black woman in the video is Loni Love needs to be confirmed.
  • Cowboys & Aliens came out the same day the video was uploaded.
  • This is the second video in the series that has an animated title card, the first being If Video Games Were Real.
  • In the Cloverfield skit, Rob was wearing the same shirt as Steve (Ian) from the Blue's Clues skit in If Kid Shows Were Real. It was also reused for Ian's outfit in Guy's Guide to Being Manly.
  • The ending is based off Final Destination.
  • The "RIP" frame at the end of the Back to the Future scene is similar to the Home Alone 2 scene from the previous video of the series.
  • In the Back to the Future scene, the firetruck that is going to hit Ian later can be seen passing by.

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“Thanks for subscribing, especially if you're a black midget! (Loni Love: OH HELL NO!)”

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"I need to get buff! Montage time! SHUT UP!"


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