If It Were Real is a Smosh series. From 2009-2017, it consisted of Ian and Anthony depicting how various forms of media (movies, video games, the internet, etc.) might look in real life.

Concept (2009-mid-2017)

The episode usually begins with Anthony and Ian either watching television, playing video games, or on the internet and Ian talks about how stupid it is. Anthony then says how stupid it would be if the subject were realistic. A collection of clips portraying popular examples of the subject ensues. At the end of the sketch, the guys agree the subject would be stupid if it were realistic. After that, Ian (and sometimes Anthony) experience(s) the exact same thing they were talking about at the beginning of the video and usually that thing is something bad.


Season Name Released Summary
2009 If Movies Were Real September 4, 2009 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Twilight. Harry Potter. Ian and Anthony show what movies, with their impossible plots, would be like in reality.
2010 If Video Games Were Real March 26, 2010 Ian and Anthony show how the strange and sometimes unrealistic world of video games would be like in real life.
If Cartoons Were Real  July 30th, 2010 (deleted on YouTube in 2014) In cartoons, anything can happen. Ian and Anthony show what would happen if the cartoons we all grew up with were real.
If Scary Movies Were Real  October 29, 2010 Slashers, Monster Movies, Zombie Films... What do these all have in common? They're all types of Scary Movies. What is the possibility that the things that happen in horror movies could potentially happen in real life?
2011 If Kid Shows Were Real February 18, 2011 Kid Shows are designed to fit a younger audience's simple minds and short attention spans. But usually they don't make any sense to adults watching them. Ian and Anthony show what kid shows would be like in real life.
If Superheros Were Real May 13, 2011 What if superheros we all knew and loved were bound by the constraints of everyday lives?
If The Internet Was Real (AKA If The Internet Were Real) July 1, 2011 YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Google Images, even itself - what if they be if they were actually in real life?
If Movies Were Real 2 July 29, 2011 Now back with another set of impractical movies, Ian and Anthony demonstrate what movies would be like in actuality, for a second time.
If Holidays Were Real December 23, 2011 Santa? The Easter Bunny? What would holidays be like if they were real?
2012 If Video Games Were Real 2 April 13, 2012 Video games, the home of N00BS and Leeroy Jenkins. What would they be like in real life?
If TV Shows Were Real December 7, 2012 Ian and Anthony look at the strange shows that for some reason, some people actually watch.
2013 If Movies Were Real 3 April 12, 2013 Skyfall 007? Fast and the Furious 6? The Hobbit? Ian and Anthony return for a third time to imagine what life would be like if movies were realistic.
2014 If Video Games Were Real 3 April 4, 2014 Call of Duty: Ghosts, Plants vs Zombies, and Slender. What if these games were real life?
If Apps Were Real June 13, 2014 The Candy Crush Saga? Angry Birds? Tinder? Let's see what these apps would be like in real life!
If TV Shows Were Real 2 August 22, 2014 Breaking Bad, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and more shows are pictured in real life.
2015 If Romantic Movies Were Real February 13, 2015  Ian and Anthony take a look and see what romantic movies like 50 Shades of Grey, Romeo and Juliet, and Brokeback Mountain would be like in real life.
If Board Games Were Real May 22, 2015 Ian and Anthony picture board games, such as Life, Candy Land, and Snakes and Ladders, in real life, and just how stupid it would be.
If The Internet Were Real 2 September 11, 2015 Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, and more are pictured applying to real life by Anthony and Ian, and obviously, they are really stupid like that.
If Video Games Were Real 4 October 30, 2015 Once again, video games are pictured in real life, such as Fallout, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Super Mario Maker.
2016 If TV Shows Were Real 3 January 15, 2016 TV shows are great because they're on TV. We can imagine what they would be like if they were real. But what if they WERE real? Holy crap, it would be terrible!


  • There is a reference to the skit in REJECTED VIDEOS! called If Religions Were Real, but was cut off due to the fact it would have been offensive.
  • In the Every Smosh Video Ever, If It Were Real was parodied by "If the Titanic Were Real".