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If TV Show Were Real Transcript is a series on Smosh.

Video Set-UpEdit

The episode begins with Ian talking about how something on television, video games, etc. is stupid, like how no one would want to eat a soggy Krabby Patty and how no woman wearing skimpy clothing would beat people up. Anthony then begins to talk about how stupid it would be "if (x) were real". A collection of clips portraying popular examples of (x) ensues. At the end of the sketch, the guys agree (x) would be stupid if it were real. At the very end, they will experience the exact same thing they were talking about at the beginning of the video.


I like you you like me 

Hurrah happen

Shut up.1

This TV show looks different to me.4

I like CN.10

Hey! That not a kids' channel.15

I know, but I think if the channels are real then I will be the mostest

If TV shows are real

That 70's show

Nick  man: OK who changed the putting?.

Nick  man:  There's the putting..

(Dun dun dun)

Nick  man: Oh no.6 Rick and Bick did that. YOU! (kicks) .......

Bear in the big blue house

Andi: I'm going in.16

Andi: Oh my, a BEAR!!!.12

(Crash noises)

Mutt and stuff

(Brand and Stuff stands here)

Brand: This time I'm going to quit.3

Baxter in the army

Hazel: Hey Baxter, can you give the choclate bar that your holding, please?

Baxter: Yes, hazel.

Fosters home for imaginary friends 

Bloo: (tiny voice) living is better than watching6


Chiko: So jumpy how did hee croak.8

Jumpy: Hey has eaten too many cookies for a bucnh of 99 days

Barney & friends

Kids': bARNEY IS EATING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.100%

Barney: Rooooooooar.8


Rudy: oh99999999

(RUN. )

Rudy's Dad: back to the chalkcar :3

Hey duggee

The Squirrels: :))))))))))))))))))))))))


Blue's clues

Steve: hello everyone I was just reading a book call sci twilight.23

Mickey and the roadster racers




  • There is a reference to the skit in REJECTED VIDEOS! called If Religions Were Real, but was cut off due to it would have having been offensive.

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