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Ianthony is the pairing of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla.

Instances in VideosEdit

There is much evidence seen in Smosh videos, though most of it comes from Ian is Bored/Mailtime and Lunchtime videos they produce together. Erotic fanfiction is written about them.


Anthony tells Ian he has set up cameras all over their house in order to catch whatever's leaving plates of food on their kitchen counter. Before they go to bed, Anthony tells Ian that they didn't have enough money for cameras in both of their rooms, so Ian has to sleep in Anthony's room. Later, they are both seen in bed together, with Ian asking Anthony if they can cut that part out of the video. The next morning, they discover a plate of tacos on the counter, and Anthony accuses Ian of making them. Ian denies even knowing how to make tacos, and Anthony says that he'll just set up a few more cameras, causing Ian to point out that Anthony said that they couldn't afford more cameras. Anthony dodges the subject by complimenting the taste of the tacos. Every night, Anthony takes off one piece of clothing. The first night he is fully clothed, then he removes his shirt, then his pants, and finally his underwear. On the last night, Anthony ends up naked.


The last fortune cookie of the video says that Ian and Anthony have to get married. Knowing that the fortunes before it came true, Ian thinks it must be destiny and proposes to Anthony. But Anthony leaves, saying that Ian needs help. However, the fortune cookies all turned out to be a prank from Ian's mom, who is trying to make money off her website, regretting ever making a billboard advertising it.


Sebastian Lisperson (Ian) says that he has a hard time getting the hot chicks away from him ever since he started using Makeup for Men. His partner John (Anthony) agrees before the two stare at each other lustfully until Sebastian stops and asks if they should get hot chicks, in which John shouts, "Yeah!" ("MANROTIC!")


In the "Last Two Men on Earth" scene, Ian and Anthony are the last two men on Earth in a post-apocolyptic world. Anthony suggests that they "repopulate." Ian and Anthony stare at each other lustfully, but when Ian touches Anthony's chest, the word "NOT!" appears.

Worst Proposals EverEdit

Ian gets down on one knee and begins to propose marriage. At first it appears he is proposing to Anthony, but it is then revealed he is proposing to Antoinette .


After the old man goes to their door and calls them gay, they put their arms around each other.

Breaking it down in 2014 and Just dance rematchEdit

Ian and Anthony have to do romantic duets as punishments for coming in last place.

The Internet in Real LifeEdit

Anthony notices on the internet that he and Ian are the OTP for many people. He doesn't understand what OTP means and Ian explains him that they are their fans' one true pair.

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