Ian is Pregnant!
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March 12, 2010

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Antoinette Padilla, Brad Padilla, Ric Ramey

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Ian is Pregnant! is a Smosh episode uploaded on March 12, 2010 and is the 6th episode of Smosh 's 4th season. Ric Ramey plays as the doctor in an uncredited role.


While Anthony is downloading Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Ian comes in, and asks him what he is doing. Anthony tells him that he's downloading the final movie of Lord of the Rings because he's never seen it before. Ian, being surprised, tells Anthony that the last movie of the series was the best, and almost tells him the ending but Anthony didn't want him to tell the ending because if Ian ruined the movie for him, he would jump out of a window.

A few seconds later, Ian tells Anthony that he's pregnant. At first, Anthony insists that he's being ridiculous but becomes shocked when Ian showed him his belly. Ian believes that Antoinette Padilla got him pregnant after he dumped her. Anthony then argues that Antoinette was the one who dumped Ian, and even shows a video of him and Antoinette.

In the video, Ian asks how many kids they might have. Antoinette then ignores the questions, and tells him that she wants to break up with him. Enraged, Ian throws a temper tantrum and tells her to get out of his room.

Back with Anthony and Ian, Ian asks Anthony what he was doing in his room. Anthony ignores him, and tells him to see if he really is pregnant. In the bathroom, Ian uses a "Peace of Mind" pregnancy tester. In order for the deivce to work, he must pee on it. However, on the first try, Anthony comes in, and is shocked to see that he is urinating on the device. Ian turns around, but starts peeing on Anthony. Anthony tells him to stop, but Ian said he couldn't because stopping "takes years of training." After the second try, Ian asks Anthony to pretend that he didn't "just pull an R. Kelly on [Anthony]" and tells Anthony not to call it Prego, because it reminds him of spaghetti. Ian is determined that he is indeed pregnant and decides to go to the hospital to see what sex the baby will be when it is born.

Ian arrives at the doctor's office, but he tells Ian that there is no way Ian can be pregnant because it is impossible for a man to be pregnant. He reminds Ian that when his girlfriend broke up with him, he probably just got depressed and gained weight after being dumped by Antoinette, but Ian still thinks he is pregnant. He tells the doctor that crying excessively, getting "super emotional," and eating excessively are sure signs that he is pregnant. The doctor shows Ian a diagram of the internal organs of the male human body and tells him to point where the his baby could possibly come out. Ian points to the colon. The doctor points this out and asks, "You're going to poop your baby out?". Being stupid, Ian tells the doctor that all babies come out of the colon, and calls the doctor stupid.

Later, when Anthony and Ian were on their way back home, Ian spots Brad and Antoinette together, so he tells Anthony to hide. While Ian and Anthony spy on them, Ian sees the Brad stomach is large, and suggests Antoinette got him pregnant too. Anthony then starts to think that Ian really is just fat. Ian still believes that he's pregnant and he tells Anthony to wait for 5 more months so the baby would appear.

5 months later, the baby didn't come out, so Ian finally snaps out of his delusion and he finally agrees with Anthony that he really is just fat and Anthony tells Ian he told him not to buy the baby stuff. Ian also tells Anthony that he's actually relieved that he wasn't pregnant and then he makes a reference to the end of the final Lord of the Rings movie in his sentence. But because Ian had accidentally ruined the movie for Anthony, a devastated Anthony screams and jumps out a window, probably killing himself.

Anthony in Ian's room


Ian Is Pregnant/Script


  • At the start, when the camera pans to Anthony while he's downloading Lord of the Rings, you can see "Ian's Embarrassing Video" on a rack.
  • Ian doesn't take out the Pregnancy Tester out of its box. However, this may be a reference to his stupidity as well.
  • This is actually the 3rd time that Antoinette broke up with Ian. The first time was in "Ian's First Girlfriend" and the second time was in "Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig" (Antoinette forgave Ian for throwing a beer can at her in "Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3" though).
  • So far, this is the Brad's last appearance in the franchise. He never reappeared in other video after this.
  • Ian thinks all babies come out of their parent's colon, but they really come out of their mother's vagina.
  • Ian said that he has to wait for 5 months for a baby to come out, but in real life, it take 9 or 10 months.
  • At the end, you can see a fake Ian thrown out of the window by Ian, except that it doesn't has shoes and it is because Ian doesn't want to break his legs / arms or die.
  • At the end of the video, Anthony jumps out of the second story window of a house after Ian spoils the end of the third Lord of the Rings for him, however the house s=they are in is the Smosh house, which is a one story house, meaning the house Anthony jumped out of was a different one and not the Smosh house.

Shut Up! Opening

"Aww, look at the little baby. Coochie coochie coo-SHUT UP!"



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