Ian Gets Lucky
Ian gets lucky


January 15, 2010

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Ian, Anthony, Hot Lady, auction people, German maid, other guy

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Ian Gets Lucky is a Smosh video uploaded on January 15, 2010, made to promote the iShutUp App


In this episode, Ian develops a Smosh app and gets rich off of the profits.


Anthony comes in with a $50 unemployment check. While Ian thinks that it is cool, he tells Anthony that he made something that's going to make him rich. Ian tells Anthony that he used his entire life savings to develop a cell phone app. He calls it the Shut Up! App. Ian explains that every time you say something to the phone, the phone will tell you to shut up, as demonstrated by Anthony. Ian says that he'll sell the app for $1, but Anthony laughs and says that nobody would even buy the app, making Ian use the app on him.

The next day, Ian and Anthony were checking a line graph on how many people downloaded the app, where Ian defensively says that it's revolutionary. However, Anthony starts "ROFLing" when he sees that Ian's app only got one download in one day, causing Ian to shout, "Stop ROFLing at me! Nobody ROFLs in real life, idiot!" Ian was drinking his milk when he suddenly spits into the glass when he read the fine print, saying that the graph measures the downloads in millions. Ian cheers that he's rich after telling Anthony about the high amount of downloads. Anthony spits out Ian's milk when he learns that he drank Ian's milk.

Ian celebrates being rich as a line graph shows the increasing number of sales of his app and his bank account increases as well. Ian then asks a girl for her top. She tells him that it's "not for sale" but is convinced when Ian pulls out a large wad of cash. A line graph also shows how big Ian's ego over time, going from Humble to Kanye West (the highest level of Ian's ego). Ian then successfuly bids $150,000 on a painting by a young Picasso.

Anthony was walking when he notices a large house. He knocks on the door to be greeted by a maid named Maria Consuela (Anthony). Ian tells Maria to stop answering the door as he goes to Anthony, all the while talking to Barack Obama on the phone. After Ian comments how hot Maria is, Anthony asks Ian if they want to play Super Head Esploder together, but Ian refuses to play a "childish game" and tells Anthony that he's going to pick up another child Picasso painting.

Ian was walking as he was playing with his app. However, he passes by a guy who heard the app, thinking that the "SHUT UP!" was for him. Ian tries to calmly tell him that it's the phone, but gets enraged when the guy calls him emo. Ian tells him that he knows ninjitsu and can "rip [his] heart out with two fingers." Unfortunately, Ian really didn't know ninjitsu and died.

Deleted Scene

(This was from the beginning of the video)

Ian doesn't know why would do this. Anthony said that according to their parents have twelve reason why they shouldn't get an allowance and only one reason they should which was "They're good kids". Ian saw that they have big noses was written twice. Anthony wanted to know how to make money if they can't get income from their parents. Ian had an idea, but Anthony didn't like it because it involves being naked again. Anthony was going to file for an unemployment and Ian was going to think of another idea.

(The plot then goes to the beginning of the original video)


  • The video was sponsored by Google Nexus (as seen in the beginning of the video before the Shut Up! Opening).
  • In the computer screen, actually Ian didn't open any website to see the application download chart, just a file named "chart.png" with 1280x720 pixels. Also, the link in the address bar is renamed as "poop"
  • You can actually download the app on Smosh website.
  • This is the first Smosh video made to promote one of their apps. The second video is 2013's "Most Violent Game Ever!?" which was made to promote Super Head Esploder-X
  • Here is the list of shouldn't for the allowance:
    • They're "Grown-Ass" Men
    • They Have Big Noses (twice)
    • Ian Doesn't think Angelina Jolie is Hot
    • Ian Shanked A Barista Once For Not putting Sprinkles On his Latte
    • Anthony sings in Shower
    • They Don't Like The Color Yellow
    • They Quote Teen movies All The Time
    • They Don't Like Board Games
    • Anthony Is Allergic To Cobra Venom
    • They are Lazy
    • Ian Wishes he Was a Jigglypuff

Anthony's Own Video

Shut Up! Opening

Uh, an annoying sound. (Annoying sound) SHUT UP!



(This video happens after Ian died)

When Anthony was playing video games, Ian (Anthony with a bowl on his head) asked Anthony what is up. Anthony wanted to know if that was really Ian which he said that it was him showing his bowl haircut (bowl on his head). Anthony could see the bowl haircut and Ian wanted to know if Anthony would play poker which Anthony agreed. Ian was trying to sing Poker Face. Anthony asked Ian if poker was fun which Ian thought it would if Anthony hasn't killed Ian's family. Anthony asked Ian how he knew which Ian wanted to play poker for the death and threw a card. Anthony hid a small paintbrush behind the four hearts card acting like a scar which Anthony acted like he got hurt. Anthony looked he was talking to himself saying to Ian that the card slashed his face and it hurts bad and started to punch him in the cleavage. Ian got punched and tries to punch Anthony which Anthony look like he punched himself and fell down from the chair and acted like he got hurt. Ian tried to feed Anthony an English muffin which he doesn't like and Ian keeps on torturing Anthony with the muffin. Anthony resisted and punch Ian in the testicles. Ian fell down and the bowl fell off. Anthony gets up and tries to punch Ian but resisted. Anthony couldn't do it because there are people starving in Somalia also AIDS, rabies, and other things in the world. Anthony want both of them to look at each other which Anthony wanted both of them to be best friends. Ian agreed calling Anthony his father which Anthony was surprised.


Ian Gets Lucky/Script

Ian Gets Lucky/Anthony's Own Video Script

Shut Up! Opening




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