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Position at Pork E. Pine's:


Portrayed by:

Ian Hecox

Ian is a character from Part Timers. He is played by Ian.


Ian is the restaurants mascot, Porky. He is very immature at times and makes poor decisions along with Anton. Ian is a wannabe-womanizer and a schemer. He takes his position as Porky very seriously and has an undeserved ego regarding his talents and value to the company. He also considers himself very attractive and dresses in skin-tight orange pants and a tank top when out of costume.

Relationships With Other Characters


Ian's best friend and manager of Pork E. Pine's. The two often avoid doing work together, and get up to various antics. In First Kiss Fail they hire a couples therapist because they are concerned they no longer find the same things funny.


A close friend of Ian's. The two share an immature sense of humour and a love of get rich quick schemes. In Breaking Mads it is revealed that Ian and Ella have a secret bar they hang out in behind one of the staff lockers. They also attempt to recruit Pete into a plan to steal quarters from the arcade machine. In Ian Gets Kidnapped Ian is held for ransom by a group of avocado smugglers and Ella convinces Lori (and later the rest of the staff) that they need to rescue him. It's also said in this episode that Ella attends Ian's stand-up shows and laughs even though his jokes aren't funny. She tries to get the kidnappers to do the same. In Friend Zone Problems Ian agrees to give Ella his test to determine if they can be more than work friends. He passes her but she then declines after finding out Ian once ate a lizard on a bet. He agreed to let her give him a lizard tattoo to salvage the friendship. Half way through they realize they are already "real friends".


Dinger is another person Ian often involves in his various schemes. For example, The War on Math every one of his plans to help Anton involve getting "a guy [he] knows" which always turns out to be Dinger. Ian also agreed to allow Dinger to take his place as Porky in a TV commercial after he is injured. He trains Dinger, but in the end Dinger betrays him. He also competed with Dinger to be the one to marry Lori to keep her from being deported.


  • Ian wore the Chuck E. Cheese mascot when we worked at Chuck E. Cheese's as a teenager, which is what the series is based around...kinda.

Ian Hecox working at Chuck E. Cheese's

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