"Oh, my God: Did you hear about Brittney today? Oh my god, yes, and she is so fat. SHUT UP!"

Ian's First Girlfriend is a Smosh video uploaded on 21 February, 2009. Ian goes on a date with his new girlfriend, 19-year-old Antoinette (played by Anthony Padilla), who is Anthony's sister.

Ian's First Girlfriend
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February 21, 2009

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Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Antoinette


Ian wakes Anthony and says that the house is on fire. Anthony gets scared, but Ian yells, "Psych!" He tells Anthony that he's got a girlfriend.

The duo go to the computer, and Ian shows Anthony his new girlfriend, Antoinette. Anthony gets shocked and tells Ian that she's his sister. Ian says that he thought she looked familiar. However, Anthony says that Ian cannot date his sister. Ian keeps begging Anthony and says that they'll just go on one date, that's all. Anthony gives in, and Ian becomes jubilant.

Anthony puts a microphone in some flowers so he can hear what they're talking about on the date. He gives it to Ian for Antoinette. However, Ian is not so sure about this because he thought girls liked wrestlemania and monster jams. Nonetheless, Ian takes the flowers and goes to his date.

On the way to dinner, Ian gives the flowers to an antisocial Asian man (played by Youtuber KevJumba). The Asian man happily accepts them.

Upon arriving, Ian meets Antoinette at her table, and kisses her on the hand. Anthony arrives and wants to see what Ian and Antoinette are talking about. However, he listens to the the Asian guy, who asks his dog if she wants to go poop. Brad, Antoinette's ex, arrives and Antoinette tells Ian to get under the table so that Brad can't see him. When Brad comes over to Antoinette, he bends down and sees Ian. Brad suggests that Ian and Antoinette should marry each other if they are so good for each other. What Anthony was hearing was the Asian guy and his friend talking about his dog making a big poop, thinking it's Brad and Ian talking about Antoinette. Antoinette accidentally drops his chocolate mousse, which Ian cleans up, and Anthony thinks Ian picked up Antoinette's poop. He gets grossed out and runs out of the restaurant.

Back at home, Ian tells Anthony that he and Antoinette are engaged. Anthony grabs his gun and  it appears he was trying to shoot Ian, but instead shoots a lock on a black box that contains a book called "Hypnosis for Dummies."

Later on, Anthony hypnotizes Ian and says that he never wants to marry Antoinette anymore. Antoinette comes in a moment later, and says that they are going to shop for her wedding gown, and that she doesn't want to be late. Anthony tries to make Ian wake up, but it doesn't work. He drags Ian out of the house and into the car. He tells Antoinette that Ian's just a bit "under the weather," and that he'll be fine though.

At the store, Antoinette asks Ian how the first gown looks. However, the hypnotized Ian doesn't answer, and Antoinette cancels the wedding and runs off, upset.

Anthony carries Ian in a wagon and apologizes about him and Antoinette, but becomes jubilant that it's just the two of them again, just like old times. They go to the park, where Anthony is having a lot of much fun, while Ian is still hypnotized.

Anthony sees Ian in the middle of the road, and runs over to save him. Suddenly, a bus runs over Anthony.


  • This is the last smosh video to use the original intro.
  • YouTuber KevJumba appears in this episode.



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