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December 7, 2007

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Ian's Birthday is a Smosh video uploaded on December 7, 2007.


Anthony has to break some bad news to Ian on his own birthday.


Anthony is playing Guitar Hero in his room when his mom calls out, "Anthony? Are you still here?" Anthony tells her to shut up, that he's about to do the solo, but she asks, "Aren't you supposed to be at Ian's birthday party?" Anthony continues playing, saying that the party doesn't start till 3:00. He then looks at the clock and realizes that he's 18 minutes late. Anthony immediately gets in his car and drives to Ian's house. He is delayed when an elderly lady in the car in front of him (Ian) drives slowly, causing him to slow down as well. He eventually drives around her, in which the lady flicks him off. While Anthony is parking his car, he accidentally runs over Sparky, Ian's dog. Anthony gets out of his car to check the damage, then walks into Ian's house. Anthony carries in a girlish cake with four 3-shaped candles, making Ian ask Anthony sarcastically if he's 12 years old.

After Ian blows out the candles, Anthony asks what he wished for. At first, Ian hesitates to tell him, but after Anthony's persistent asking, he yells that he wished for a girlfriend and asks Anthony why he cares. Anthony tells Ian that if he were him, he'd wish for a dog, but Ian says that he already has Sparky.

Anthony then gives the present to Ian. He opens it, and it turns out to be toilet paper. Ian says, "No way. I've been out of this stuff for like, two weeks. You're the bestest friend ever." While Ian continues to gape over the toilet paper, Anthony write a note to him, saying: "IOU 1 K9." Ian angrily asks what the note means.

Anthony shows Ian outside, where he hit Sparky, but Ian says that what Anthony hit wasn't his dog, but his sister. He then goes back inside to eat cake.


Ian's Birthday/Script


  • The song playing in the background while Anthony is playing Guitar Hero is "Hardcore Max."
  • Ian's birthday is actually on November 30, so this video was released one week after his 20th birthday.
  • When Ian and Anthony are walking to the spot where Anthony hit Sparky, the wig they are about to use can be seen hanging on the side of the house.

Shut Up! Opening

"Happy birthday to you- SHUT UP! That song's copyrighted!"



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