I Was Brainwashed!


February 10, 2012

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Characters Featured:

Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, several Religiotologists

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I WAS BRAINWASHED! is a Smosh video uploaded on February 10th, 2012.


2 members force Anthony to join a mysterious club, called "The Church of Religiotology" but, Anthony's love for taquitos gives him more than what he bargained for.


Anthony opens the door and is greeted by 2 men wearing sky blue ceremony robes. (Black haired member played by Ian, and the other member played by Ralph Michigan)

Anthony asks why they would be wearing sky blue "Bathrobes" 1 member responds by saying "These aren't bathrobes, they're ceremonial robes from the Church of Religiotology"

The black-haired member asks Anthony about taking a "Sexiness Test" and reads the sexiness number to only be -5, The black-haired member tells Anthony he must take a "Sexiness Test" at once

Anthony declines, but 1 member offers free taquitos which Anthony happily rejoices himself

The 2 men (Including Anthony) arrive at "The Church of Religiotology" which Anthony spots a plate of taquitos.

Anthony begins to space out and imagine himself eating 7 taquitos.

Anthony tells the black-haired member "AAH! F*** OFF!"

Anthony shoves each taquito into his mouth and didn't realize that they were drugged. Then, Anthony wakes up to find himself tied up in a chair.

1 member assures Anthony that they will show him what "The Church of Religiotology" is really about.

The black-haired member plugs in a video tape called "Brainwashing For Dummies" the founder, Bob Roberts gets shot in the head by a gun for calling "Religiotology" stupid.

The video ends up putting Anthony asleep instead of brainwashing him. The black-haired member shouts "Damn it!" and says he'll have to do the plan "The hard-way"

He wakes up Anthony and says "Look at the screen!" causing the Teletubbies music to successfully brainwash him.

The black-haired member asks Anthony how he feels, Anthony responds by saying "Sexy"

1 member tells Anthony that his trigger word is "Mermaid" and so whenever Anthony would hear the word, he would be forced to kill anyone around him. The member hands him a black gun. Anthony requests his trigger word again.

The member responds "Mermaid" Anthony's eyes turn red and shoots the 2 members. One of them said "Didn't think that one through."

Anthony rings the doorbell and Ian answers the door.

Ian angrily replies "Dude, why didn't you tell me you left for 3 hours?"

Anthony is seen wearing a sky blue robe and tells Ian about "Religiotology"

"It all began in the year of 1998" Anthony replies

The scene changes to a 13 year old boy named Com Truise (Played by Anthony) typing on a computer in an AOL chat-room.

A mysterious person named "Herman" entered the chat-room...

Herman (On the computer screen) types 3 things like..

1. I am real

2. Everyone must be sexy and wear sky blue robes

3. Gay Marriage is wrong because, it's icky! LOL!

Anthony tells Ian to take a "Sexiness Test" but Ian declines

Ian pulls out a copy of "The Little Mermaid"

Ian's phone rings with "Dora the Explorer" theme song

The microwave beeps and Ian pulls out a banana

Ian says "I got a copy of the little... *slow-motion* MERMAID"

Anthony's eyes turn red again and struggles to shoot Ian.

Ian panics and tries to snap Anthony out of it, but fails.

A few days later, Ian is seen in a hospital bed and is seen wearing a white bandage around his head. Anthony appears with flowers and apologizes for shooting Ian on purpose. Then Ian asks about watching The Little Mermaid, but then Anthony's eyes turn red for the 3rd time and he shoots Ian 6 times.


  • In Anthony's thought bubble, he eats 7 taquitos.
  • Anthony's love for taquitos has returned since Food Battle 2006.
  • This is the first Smosh video of 2012 where either Ian or Anthony die both as himself and in character in one video (in this case, Ian).
  • Com Truise is basically Tom Cruise with the first letters of his name swapped.
  • There is an actual musician known as Com Truise.
  • Also in the chat room one can see the name Tron Javolta,a reference to John Travolta.
  • The Teletubbies' laughing sun from If Kids Shows Were Real returns, using recycled footage.
  • In the scene where Com Truise is on AOL, There are two posters behind him, one is The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, another one is Doug Funnie and Porkchop the Dog as Quailman and Quaildog
  • This is Bob Roberts' first appearance since The Internet For Dummies, his fly is also down when he's speaking.
  • When Anthony rings the door bell for lan to answer, he presses it with his middle finger.
  • Anthony has the same facial expression as he did in the thumbnail for MIME FAIL! This is not easily noticeable due to the make-up in MIME FAIL!
  • The church of religitology set is just the foyer of Ian and Anthony's house decorated with posters.
  • The "Cyanide in Burrito" trick has returned since Food Battle 2009, except this time, taquitos and a non-lethal sedative was used.
  • The Brick wall lair set (located in their garage) returns from THE POKEMON MASTER!, MIME FAIL! (extras), and The Legend of Zelda Rap.
  • Anthony's "Sexyness" rating (-5) is on a sticky note.
  • When Ian and Anthony sit down on the couch, Anthony is wearing pants underneath his robe.
  • Among the chat is the conversion between 3 people:
TriggerTaco1980: didn't seh give him a bj?
StrawberyUnicorn13: a what?
TylerGang: awesome!
StrawberryUnicorn13: whats a bj?
  • One of the AOL chatroom members was named Herman, and one of the men in blue robes from the lair scene says "Oh my Herman" instead of "Oh my God!".
  • One of the AOL chatroom usernames change from Strawberryunicorn13 to just Stawberryunicorn
  • The small TV can also be seen in Parents Suck!, when Billy is attempting to put a VHS copy of Bambi into the VCR, but fails when Billy's mom hits him.
  • Ian's Ringtone was the theme song of Dora The Explorer.
  • Easter Egg Challenge: Can you spot a face hidden in the video?
  • Ian's VHS of The Little Mermaid is an import from the UK as seen by the U rating on it.

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