In the house

(Anthony tries to reach for the pizza sticking the ceiling while Ian plays Draw Something)

Anthony: A little help here.

Ian: Yeah, in a second; my turn. See ladder gets the most points, so. (He chooses the ladder and draws it for his mom)

Anthony: You know what, fine. If your not gonna help me get that pizza off the ceiling I'll do it myself. (Gets a ladder) (whispers) Idiot. (Talks out) You seriously need to stop having pizza throwing contests okay. (Climbs the ladder)

Ian: (Draws a person falling off the ladder he drew) Look at him falling like an idiot.

(Anthony falls down the ladder)

Ian: Woah, that was weird.

Anthony: (tries to get back up) Augh! God! What was?

Ian: Uh, nothing. Hold on.

Later on...

(Ian starts to draw a ninja throwing a ninja star)

Anthony: I still can't believe you got an entire pizza----(When Ian drew the ninja star, the hidden threw the star on Anthony) ugh!

Ian: What?!

Anthony: I don't know; I just got this weird, like muscle spasm in my back or something. (Sees a ninja star in his back)

Ian: Ah!

Anthony: Did you let ninjas in the house again?

Ian: Okay, know your probably not gonna believe this, but every time I draw something in this game, it happens in real life.

Anthony: Let me see that! (Grabs Ian's phone)

Later on...

(Anthony draws a boulder and then submits it to Ian's mom)

(Right after that, Ian's right arm gets crushed by a boulder)

Ian: (sighs) I told you it was real!

Anthony: Oh, it's real. (Bends down to Ian) It's very dangerous.

Ian: You're right. We shouldn't carelessly use this thing's power.

Anthony: With great power...

Ian: ...comes great responsibility.

(Both agreed, but then thought it was a joke which they both laughed)

Anthony: Yeah, right! Let's go f**k with some people. (Leave the house)

Ian: Yeah! I-I'm still stuck! (Tries to bring himself free) Everything feels dumb.

Out in the neighborhood

(Ian and Anthony see Antoinette talking on the phone)

Ian: Look it's that skank.

Antoinette: Yeah! He was prepubescent when he was sixteen. Come on. (Keeps talking)

Anthony: Come on dude, your still mad at my sister for breaking up with you? That was like two years ago.

Ian: Okay! For the last time, Antoinette did not break up with me. It was a mutual break up.

Anthony: So you both decided to break up at the exact same time?

Ian: Uh, yeah; and now it's time to get my revenge. I'm gonna draw something that's haunted me for my entire life. (Starts to draw) Your gonna get it Antoinette. (Submits his drawing of his interpretation of his mom which looked like a gorilla with a long right arm, short left arm, big right eye, and the tounge sticking out making it appear in real life.

Antoinette: Do you think I would look okay pregnant? I'm kind of nervous that my body is just like totally not gonna look good. (Turns around to see the gorilla and gets scared. Dies afterward after getting slapped in the face)

(The gorilla keeps on slapping her)

Anthony: What the hell is that?!

Ian: I drew my mom.

(The Draw Something photo looks like the gorilla)

Anthony: That looks nothing like her. Look. (Brings Ian's mom)

Ian's mom: Yeah, that looks nothing like me dumbass. (Start to leave)

(Ian felt disappointed and Ian's mom came back eating Anthony's banana and then left again)

Anthony: Hey!

Ian: Woah, look at that thing go.

(The gorilla goes to the delivery man)

Delivery guy: Special delivery for uh, Bustin Jieber. Ugh! (Dies after getting slapped by the gorilla)

Ian: Sweet, I hated that guy.

Anthony: What is he doing---- (Realize the gorilla is doing something bad) Dude, that's just wrong!

(The gorilla is humping a pale fire hydrant)

Ian: Woah, what's he doing---- (Realize the gorilla is doing something bad) Ah come on; only noobs do that!

(The gorilla is holding and energy sword form Halo while teabagging Antoinette while she's dead)

Anthony: Hey! What did that Pikachu ever do to you?!

(The gorilla is humping a stuffed Pikachu)

Anthony: That's it, we need to stop this thing.

Ian: Right!

(Ian and Anthony grabbed their right arms)

Ian & Anthony: It's morphin time!

(Transformation starts)

Anthony: Tyrannosaurus!

Ian: Pterodactyl.

(Transformation failed)

Anthony: What?!

Ian: But it worked on the show!

(The gorilla slapped Anthony)

Ian: Anthony!

Anthony: Quick, draw a bat and beat him to death with it.

Ian: Got it! (Draws the flying mammal bat in the draw something app) Prepare to die you stupid gorilla thing. (Submits it, and the bat appears in real life) Oh yes!

Anthony: What?! No, I meant a baseball bat you idiot! (Coughs)

Ian: Oh. Well I think this will just work fine. (Grabs the bat)

narrator: BAT BEATDOWN!

Ian: (Fights the gorilla using the bat) Hi-yah, hi-yah, hi-yah, hi-yah, hi-yah!

(The gorilla left)

Ian: Yes! We did it! (Sees Anthony dead) Huh, Anthony? Nah, dang it! (Sees best friend in the hard section of his turn to draw) Don't worry Anthony, I got this. (Takes time drawing Anthony in the app)

Sometime later...

(Ian finished the drawing)

Ian: It's perfect. (Submits his drawing bringing Anthony back to life)

Anthony: Oh my god, it actually worked!

Ian: (Noticed something wrong with Anthony) Uh, it sure did.

(Both highfived)

(Anthony right head is good, but his left head looks similar to the forever alone face)

narrator: DRAWING FAIL!

Deleted Scene

(At the part after Antoinette died)

Anthony: I think you just killed my sister.

Ian: Sorry, I was just trying to scare her!

Anthony: No, that's awesome. Now I don't have to share her birthday cake with anyone.

Ian: Wait, so guys are twins?

Anthony: No! My parents were just cheap asses.

Alternate Scene #1

(When Anthony comes back to life)

Anthony: I'm a zombie!

Alternate Scene #2

(When Ian and Anthony wanted to f**k with people)

Anthony: Let's go f**k with some people. (Left the house)

Ian: Yeah! Hey, hey! I'm still stuck! (Tries to get out) My fingers are getting a little numbed. Okay, I'm just gonna die here then. F**k you. (Dies)