"It's too hard to draw this thing. I'm just gonna write out the word. SHUT UP!"
I Suck At Draw Something!


May 18, 2012 (Smosh)
May 20, 2012 (El Smosh)







Characters Featured:

Anthony, Ian, Antoinette, Deformed Gorilla, Ian's Mom, Deliveryman, Ninja

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I SUCK AT DRAW SOMETHING! is a Smosh video uploaded on May 18, 2012.


Ian and Anthony decide to have some fun after discovering that everything they draw in the video game Draw Something comes to life in real life.


Anthony is trying to get a slice of pizza off the ceiling and asks Ian for help. However, Ian is too busy playing Draw Something against his mom, right now drawing a ladder. Anthony gets a nearby ladder and tells Ian to stop having pizza throwing contests. Ian is drawing a picture of someone falling off the ladder when suddenly, Anthony falls off the ladder. Ian thinks this is weird, but decides to go back to his game, this time drawing a ninja throwing a shuriken. As if confirming his suspicions, Anthony feels a sharp pain in his back. At first, he thinks it is a muscle spasm, but he then discovers the shuriken in his back and asks Ian if he let ninjas inside the house.

Ian realizes that everything he draws in the game suddenly comes to life. Anthony doesn't believe it, so he grabs Ian's phone and draws the next item Ian selected to draw in the game, which is a boulder. After Anthony finishes, a boulder suddenly appears on Ian's arm. Ian's hypothesis is proven, and in a serious voice, Anthony says that the newfound power is dangerous and it comes with great responsibility. However, the two just laugh it off and Anthony decides to use the power to "f**k with some people." Anthony leaves, but Ian is still stuck under the boulder.

Ian and Anthony spot Antoinette outside talking on her phone. Anthony is shocked that Ian has held a grudge on her for breaking up with him two years ago. Ian argues that it was a mutual breakup before he starts to draw "something that's haunted my entire life." When Ian is finished drawing, an extremely deformed gorilla appears behind Antoinette. She turns around and screams before the deformed gorilla beats her to death. Ian tells Anthony that he tried to draw his own mom, but Anthony disagrees and says that it looks nothing like her. As proof, he pulls Ian's mom out of nowhere, and she agrees that Ian's interpretation looks nothing like her as well. She leaves, but comes back for a brief second to steal a bite of Anthony's banana.

Ian spots the gorilla-like creature attacking a delivery man delivering a package to "Bustin Jieber." Ian is ecstatic, as he hated the delivery man, but he and Anthony grow disgusted when they spot the gorilla humping a fire hydrant. The gorilla then t-bags the dead Antoinette while holding an energy sword from Halo, with Ian complaing that "only noobs do that." Anthony exclaims, "What did that Pikachu ever do to you?!" as the gorilla punches and humps a Pikachu doll. Anthony says, "That's it! We need to stop this thing." Ian agrees. They grab hands and shout "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!"

After they "morph," Anthony and Ian are shocked when they see that nothing happens. Anthony is suddenly attacked by the gorilla and Anthony tells Ian with his dying breath to draw a bat to beat the gorilla to death with it. Ian draws a bat, but much to Anthony's chagrin, it is the animal rather than a weapon. Anthony dies, but Ian decides to use the bat to beat the gorilla anyways, in which he succeeds.

Ian spots Anthony dead on the ground. He looks at his phone to see three difficulty levels: Easy (bowl), medium (haircut) or hard (best friend). Ian chooses the hard difficulty and attempts to draw Anthony in order to revive him. Ian succeeds, as the camera shows Anthony from behind standing up and congratulating Ian. However, when the camera faces both of them directly, his face is shown to be bizarrely deformed. Unaware of this, he and Ian high-five. ("DRAWING FAIL!")

Deleted Scene

Anthony likes it when Ian used the gorilla to kill Antoinette even though it was just suppose to scare her. Now, Anthony doesn't have to share the same birthday cake. Ian thought Anthony and Antoinette were twins, but really the parents were crack asses.

Alternate Ending #1

When Anthony comes back to life, he says, "I'm a zombie".

Alternate Ending #2

When Ian and Anthony were going to f**k with some people, Ian still has the boulder on his hand while his fingers are numbed and dies sitting by the table.




  • This is the second Smosh video of 2012 that either Ian or Anthony die both as themselves and in character in a single video. First one is I WAS BRAINWASHED! when Ian dies both as himself and in character.
  • Antoinette Padilla has appeared since Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3, but her hairstyle has changed from straight hair to curly since her last appearance, and she's also wearing the Justin Bieber shirt from JUSTIN BIEBER HITS PUBERTY (Never Say Never 2)
  • The Delivery Guy from MY MAGICAL TAPEWORM! and WORST ID PHOTO EVER! reappears delivering for "Bustin Jieber" (Justin Bieber)
  • The banana that Anthony was eating crunches for some bizarre reason, making it the second time this happens (the cruching sound is also 100% identical). Strangely, when Ian's Mom steals a bite, it does not crunch.
  • The quote that Anthony and Ian said "With great power, comes great responsibility" was a quote from the first Spider-Man movie.
  • In the "Bat Beatdown" part, it remains in English when dubbed for El Smosh.
  • This video referenced a few of their 2009 and 2010 videos, like Mighty Smoshin POWER RANGERS and Ian is Pregnant.
  • In the video when someone is drawing something on the phone, the top screen that usually says: "You are drawing _____ For ___" changes, along with other gems as such below:
    • When lan is drawing the ladder, the top screen says "You are drawing LADDER for Mom"
    • After Anthony falls off the ladder, the screen says "You are drawing NINJA for Mom"
    • Right after lan gives Anthony the phone, the screen then says "You are drawing BOULDER for Mom"
  • After Anthony dies, lan's list of words is: "Bowl", "Haircut", and "Best Friend".
  • When Ian is drawing, the phone is an iPhone but when in scene in which Ian is not seen drawing, it is actually a different phone.
  • The Gorilla scene is similar to the Spongebob episode "I Had an Accident" because of the gorilla beats up people, and harms the main character.
  • While Anthony says the Red Ranger catchphrase while they morph, Ian says the Pink Ranger catchphrase, only instead of a pink background, it is purple.


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Anthony Padilla as himself and Antoinette Padilla
Ian Hecox as himself and the Mailman
Lee Eisenhower as gorilla thing
Cheryl Hecox as herself


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