I Love Pizza
Nature Break 1


July 9, 2012

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Nature Break



Characters Featured:

Dr. Michael W. Hollingsworth, Wayne, Rusty, Bennie, Matt, Graham, Katie

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Is It Stinky?

I Love Pizza is the premeire episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Nature Break. It was uploaded on July 9th, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Dr. Hollingsworth skips a meal and narrates a new, delicious episode of Nature Break.



A pigeon is on a statue. The pigeon suddenly poops a large one covering half the statue with it.

Skit 1: Bennie and Matt (Anglerfish)

Bennie is telling Matt that they need to get a car with a big trunk, blankets, trash bags, a chainsaw, duct tape, and a lion if they can get one. Matt is confused on what he is talking about. Bennie thought that Matt murdered someone but he states that he got the new Chipmunks movie on DVD and they should watch it together. However, Bennie says that he already saw it and liked it. Both anglerfish then get eaten by a giant whale.

Skit 2: Graham Crabbers and Katie Crab (Crabs)

Graham Crabbers is expressing his dislike with metal detectors. Katie Crab is wondering why. Graham explains that he swallowed a key and a bunch of kids with metal detectors thought they found treasure but when they found it was a crab, they called it filthy. Katie laughs at the story. Graham then wondered if he should do something while Katie asks how long has the key been inside him. Graham states it has been inside him for a year but instead of becoming waste, it migrated to his brain. Katie wonders if it had any effects when suddenly Graham starts speaking gibberish while changing color. They both then get crushed by a giant wave.

Skit 3: Wayne (Sloth) and Rusty (Chameleon)

Wayne tells Rusty he's ordering pizza pleasing Rusty. Wayne then asks him what does he want on it. Rusty says he wants everything except olives and onions but then goes on excluding every pizza topping calling it mouthwatering nonsense. When Wayne reaffirms that Rusty doesn't want anything, Rusty states that he doesn't like pizza at all despite saying earlier he loved it. Suddenly, a crocodile comes up and eats them.


  • The anglerfish should both be female due to their large size

Shut Up! Opening

Oh, hell yea, I love pizza. SHUT UP! Cartoons.

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