That guy has long hair; I wonder what band he plays in--SHUT UP!

I Lost My Hair!
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March 16, 2012 (Smosh)
March 18, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Anthony, Ian, Peter Peter, Doctor, Annoying Orange, Bangs Boss

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I LOST MY HAIR! is a Smosh video uploaded on March 16, 2012.


Before Anthony runs over a homeless man, the man "puts a curse" on Anthony to make him bald. After Anthony shoots a red barrel, it explodes and Anthony has to live with a bald head.


Anthony was singing while driving when he suddenly runs over a homeless man. When the homeless man asks Anthony if he has spare change, Anthony tells him that he doesn't carry around cash. However, the homeless man pointed out that there is a pile of money on the passenger's seat. Anthony tells the man to "get off [his] lazy ass and go get a real job" and says that he's stupid because he's bald. The homeless man tells Anthony that he'll regret saying that and "puts a curse" on him. Anthony doesn't believe this and runs over the man's foot.

Meanwhile at home, Ian was losing at Bop-It when Anthony comes in and complains that he ran over a homeless man and got blood on his car. Ian tells Anthony one thing that cheers him up whenever he runs over homeless people: Shooting things. Ian hands Anthony an AK-47 and starts shooting things all over the house. However, Ian tries to warn him in slow motion that he's going to shoot the red barrel, saying that a red barrel explodes when shot. Anthony tells him that he already pulled the trigger, causing the barrel to explode on both men, causing Anthony‘s hair to be incinerated.

Anthony had awakened in the hospital bed, where the doctor tells him that he has "good news and bad news." The good news is that Anthony does not have herpes, which causes the doctor to laugh hysterically. The bad news is that the explosion had permenantly burned off Anthony's hair. Anthony screams in horror as he looks at his now bald head.

Anthony has gotten a job as a janitor for a restaurant called Bangs, when his boss (Ian) calls him to his office. After he finishes talking to his mom, the boss tells Anthony that he is fired. Anthony complains that it is solely because of his bald head, in which the boss remarks that the restaurant "is called 'Bangs' for a reason." Anthony accuses the boss of being a racist. The boss defensively says that he has bald friends, but when Anthony asks who, the boss names Vin Diesel, Shrek and Voldemort. Anthony realizes that he is naming bald characters from movie DVDs on a nearby shelf and then screams at the boss, "I hope you get herpes!" The boss responds, "Too late, bitch!" before Anthony runs off crying. The boss later picks up the phone and continues his conversation with his mother.

After singing a ballad about how he misses his hair, Anthony returns home and hopes that Ian is still his friend. However, Ian sees Anthony's bald head and screams in horror. The doctor comes in and tells Anthony that he does have herpes and laughs hysterically. Then an announcer asks the viewer: "Will Anthony get his hair back? Will Ian and Anthony remain BFF's despite Anthony's deformity? Will Ian ever learn how to brush his teeth? Find out the answers to all these questions (except for the last one 'cause Ian's an idiot) next week!"

Alternate Scene

When Anthony asked his boss if he really had any best friends, the boss said, "Your Mom!"

Deleted Clip

When Ian warned Anthony in slow motion, Ian says, "If you shoot a red barrel then it explodes." Anthony yells, still in slow motion,"What? Why?" Ian explains in slow motion that it is in every video game.

Hair Ballad Lyrics

During the video, Anthony sings a song that laments about his baldness.

I've been unlucky in love and so disenchanted
I screwed it all up and took you for granted
I wish you never were not there.

Can't get a job and nobody loves me
Used to have friends, but now I'm so lonely
I hope you know that I still care.

Hair, you make me feel so complete
If you'd come back, I'd grow you down to my feet
Even fat girls won't look at me on the street
I'd swear...
I'd do it all for some more hair.

Motorist's beware
'cause I might blind you with my glare
Life's so unfair
I really miss my sweet ass hair
I don't mean my "ass hair"
I should've put a hyphen there

Script (excluding song)



Anthony Padilla as himself
Ian Hecox as himself, Bangs Boss, Narrator
Curtis Lepore as Peter Peter
Ernesto S. Bustos as Fat Girl
Michael Chen as guy with long hair
Ethan Ireland as Motorist
Ric Ramey as Docter
Daneboe as Annoying Orange


  • When Anthony is in his boss' office, the same picture on the principal's desk from REAL VOODOO DOLL! can be seen in the background.
  • At 1:27, you can see The Annoying Orange watching in horror as the fruits get shot by Anthony.
  • Ian was hit by the explosion, but he appears fine in his next scene. It could be possible he was lucky enough to sustain only minor injuries.
  • When Anthony screams in the mirror, you can clearly see that he has a bald cap on, which was proven true in the sequel: HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE!
  • Anthony's Hair Ballad is officially now available for iTunes download.
    • In a deleted scene from MY NEW EMO HAIR!, Anthony briefly sings the beginning of his Hair Ballad, until lan cuts him off next scene.
  • When Anthony walks back into the house, Ian is seen building a Lego Penis.
  • This episode reveals that lan can only get one point on "Bop It!", since the machine said to "bop it" and he "pulled it" instead.
  • An AK-47 is used in this episode. It has been seen in earlier episodes obviously. Like a good portion of Smosh's guns it is of course a prop since Smosh assumingly does not have a gun license
  • Peter Peter is seen for his 4th time, but this time with facial hair.
  • The movies on the DVDs in their order: xXx, Shrek, and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, have nothing edited on the cases to prevent copyright.
  • The Shrek DVD is British, as seen from the "U" rating seen on the front cover.
  • The xXx DVD is Dutch, as seen from the "12" rating on the front cover.
  • The Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 DVD is Spanish-language, as shown by the title "Harry Potter y las Reliquias de la Muerte - Parte 2".
  • During Anthony's Hair Ballad, in his thought balloon, there are clips from Spiderman, Spiderman and Anthony Gets a Haircut from 2007.
  • Before Anthony runs over the man, the Death Star from Star Wars is seen in the sky.
  • One DVD on the shelf is named "I Kill People For Money"
  • lan's Bop-It game turns off as soon as Anthony walks into the room, Bop-It would usually say the score you got.
  • Anthony posted a video called Bop-It Kicks My Ass on his channel AnthonyPadilla, where he plays with the same Bop-It Ian was using in the video. He uploaded the video exactly 1 week before this video..
  • When the bald man "places a curse" on Anthony, he says "Imperio, Crucio, Avada Kedavra" is the 3 Unforgivable Curses from Harry Potter.
  • When Anthony runs over the bald man, he makes a noise that's sounds like Magikarp.
  • Ian and Anthony spend approximately 34 seconds in slow-motion, but return to normal motion fine. They spend about 7 seconds in we're stuck in slow motion, but stay stuck there for most of the video.

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Thanks for subscribing! Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna go shave my hair. And not that head, you sick perverts!




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