I Killed The Tooth Fairy


March 25, 2011

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Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Toothfairy

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I KILLED THE TOOTH FAIRY! is a Smosh video uploaded on March 25, 2011. In this episode, Ian finally loses his last baby tooth and still believes in the Tooth Fairy.


Ian comes in the room saying that he is officially a man, only for Anthony to reply, "Hookers don't count." Ian says that he lost his last baby tooth and is excited that the Tooth Fairy will give him a present, which has Anthony concerned about his beliefs. He notices a diamond on his tooth. Ian says that he was in a rap group as a kid and had his baby teeth encrusted with 14 karat diamonds in them. Seeking an opportunity, Anthony lies that the Tooth Fairy is a close friend of his and says that he'll get him to stop by, to which Ian believes as usual.

Later that evening, Ian was getting ready for bed, saying good night to his Domo plush and a doll that he named (and stylized like) Ke$ha. Anthony is in the hallway dressing up as the Tooth Fairy while Ian says good night to his baby tooth, excited that he would probably get a "shiny new nickel." Ian turns off the light and goes to sleep, but Anthony comes in and turns on the light, immediately waking Ian up and asking for his tooth. Ian quickly calls out Anthony's disguise. He tries to wing it, but an already infuriated Ian scolds him for treating his beliefs like a joke.

A man in a pink leotard suddenly arrives, which has Ian shouting, "Burgalar!" Anthony hits the man with a pillow, which somehow knocks him out. He discovers a brick in Ian's pillow case, with Ian replying, "My pillows were too soft!" The boys wonder if the man is dead, so Ian checks by stabbing his leg with a knife. After getting no response even with Ian twisting the knife, they conclude that he's dead. A voice can be heard in the man's bag, so they check to find a walkie talkie inside, with the Tooth Fairy King on the other end. The Tooth Fairy King says that the man (which is now the real Tooth Fairy) is behind on his tooth quota and threatens him with death if he doesn't get 500 teeth by tomorrow. Ian confirms his belief with the situation, but Anthony calls the whole thing a joke, which causes him to receive a Fairy Punch from the Tooth Fairy King. Feeling threatened, Anthony asks, "If were were a crap load of loose teeth, where would we be?" After a moment of thinking, the two come up with an answer: "Trailer Park!"

The next day, Ian and Anthony finish extracting teeth from the men who live at the trailer park, only to come up with 9 teeth, even with 12 people around. Ian points out that there is a guy sleeping on a folding chair. He tries to extract the guy's teeth, but to no avail. Anthony tells Ian to get the car. He ties a string around the person's tooth and ties the other end to the car. At Anthony's signal, Ian starts driving, tightening the rope in an effort to pry off the tooth. But at soon as the rope tightens, it pulls off the head, decapitating him instead. Anthony watches in horror as Ian continues to drive, unaware that he's dragging his head along the road.

With only 12 teeth, a human head, and little time left, Ian worries about the consequences from the Tooth Fairy King. Anthony questions how the king would find them. Ian looks at the Tooth Fairy's body and wonders if he has a tracking device in him. They place the Tooth Fairy's body on the table with his butt sticking out and Anthony says that "it's definitely in there", telling Ian to proceed because he has the "smaller hands." He reluctantly checks, finding a hairbrush and a gerbil (probably). As it turns out, Ian is checking the Tooth Fairy's purse, with no tracking device. Anthony then suggests that "it's probably up his ass." Ian puts on a rubber glove and prepares for the worst, but Anthony stops him, quickly suggesting that they get rid of the body instead.

Ian and Anthony drive up to an open looking area and Anthony asks what they were going to do should they have collected 500 teeth for the Tooth Fairy King. Ian realizes that they didn't think that through, but proceed to dispose of the Tooth Fairy's body anyway. But as they open the trunk, the Tooth Fairy is suddenly alive and naked. Panicked, he jumps out of the trunk defending himself with a tire wrench. With the boys in shock, Ian questions his sudden nudity, only to see Anthony's face looking down with guilt. Realizing something, he opens Anthony's jacket to discover he was wearing the Tooth Fairy's pink leotard, to which Anthony says that he "couldn't let a perfectly good costume go to waste." While Ian is disgusted by this, he does say that Anthony does look good in its color, to which the Tooth Fairy subtly agrees.

The Tooth Fairy King then appears, outraged that the Tooth Fairy didn't complete his objective. He tries to explain his kidnapping, but the furious king doesn't even care anymore and proceeds to execute him by firing an extremely slow laser. The Tooth Fairy screams in agony as the laser approaches him, while Ian and Anthony stare in disbelief before the laser suddenly stops. After a few seconds of awkward silence, the laser hits the Tooth Fairy, disintegrating him. The Tooth Fairy King gets the boys' attention, saying that Anthony does look nice in the leotard's color, before disappearing. Anthony says that he feels bad for letting the Tooth Fairy get killed, but laughs it off and asks if Ian wants to play soccer. The boys are then seen in a park playing soccer with the human head acquired earlier. The video concludes with a message saying that Anthony and Ian were arrested for homicide.




  • Several shots in the scene in Ian's room has Ian's Domo plush and his Ke$ha doll in several sexual positions.
  • The Domo Plushie was seen again in 3D is AWESOME!
  • For security reasons, the license plate on lan and Anthony's car is blurred. In earlier episodes that involve going outside, they do the same for the house number.
  • When the tooth fairy jumped out of the car naked, the stab mark where Ian stabbed him is gone.
  • The tooth fairy was also wearing black sneakers, but in the scenes where the tooth fairy was dead in the house he was only wearing socks.
  • If one pauses at 4:24, they can see a little of the Tooth Fairy's costume which Anthony stole.
  • In the scenes before and when the laser beam hits and kills the tooth fairy, Anthony's hoodie is zipped up. However, during the rest of the video and in the other shots, the hoodie is unzipped.
  • The scene where the Tooth Fairy emerges from the trunk nude while holding a metallic object is similar to a scene in The Hangover where Chow emerges from the trunk nude and beats everyone with his crowbar.

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