"In this episode, I find out I have a identical twin brother!"
— Ian's video description

I Have a Brother?! is an Ian is Bored episode released April 4, 2011. Ian looks at his family tree and finds out he has a "twin brother" named Adrian Hecox-Hendrix and they were separated at birth. He finds him on Facebook and they talk. He makes plans to meet him that upcoming Friday. This is shown in MEETING MY IDENTICAL TWIN!.

Full summary

Prior to the beginning of the video, Ian looks puzzled at the computer screen, and then remarks "what?" The title appears, along with an annotations stating: FYI: THIS WAS UPLOADED A WEEK EARLIER, BEFORE LAST WEEK'S SMOSH VIDEO.

Ian welcomes the viewers and quickly segues into the background for this video, which was in the last Lunchtime With Smosh when he said he would check his family tree to find out where he really came from. The reason for this is that Ian was never fully informed about his family history.