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August 9, 2013 (Smosh)
August 11, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Bruce, neighbor

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I Have Kirby Powers! is a Smosh video uploaded August 9, 2013.


Anthony gets the ability to suck things and get their powers.


By the dining table, Ian sees Anthony doing something. Ian pretends to clear his throat and Anthony reveals himself playing with Ian's Mom's yarn. Anthony says that he sucked a cat and got it's powers. It is revealed that he can jump really high, play with yarn, and meow like a little bitch if Ian doesn't give him food. Ian questions Anthony about how he got that power, he guesses that maybe whenever Anthony sucks something, he has powers like Kirby from Pokemon. Anthony says the answer to the name of the powers he received. Ian holds a toaster in his hands and asks Anthony if he can suck it, Anthony sucks the toaster and out of his butt comes toast. Ian screams out "Ass toast!" He chews on it and wants Anthony to suck more things. Next, Ian picks up a blender and Anthony sucks it. Anthony shakes and bursts out smoothie juice into a cup, he doesn't know what's in it because he didn't add any ingredients to suck in. (As you know, When Ian drinks the smoothie, he is drinking out of a penis straw) Ian yells because he thought that the smoothie was delicious. Next, Ian picks up his phone and Anthony sucks it, noticing to have Ian's Mom's voice mail. The voice mail says that if Ian pees on his bed one more time, she is not doing it for him. Ian has finally heard enough of the voice mail. Then, Ian picks up his dictionary and Anthony sucks it. Noticing his face actually looks like his dictionary. Anthony jokes around with the social network by saying "My face is a book" "Get it? Face Novel?" But Ian corrects him by saying "Facebook"

Anthony starts to get a little bit upset because he messed it up. Anthony asks Ian if he could fetch the dead bird on the floor. Anthony sucks it and pretends to be dead, although he isn't.

A girl named "Bruce" walks in and Anthony sucks her in, but nothing happens. It turns out that she didn't have an ability. Ian asks Anthony why he sucked the girl in and Anthony says he doesn't know how he did that. Ian said that the girl turned out to be a hooker guy named "Bruce" Anthony questions that he sucked a guy.

Ian says yes. But Anthony starts to feel a little weird, stands up and speaks: I don't care, I wanna suck everything"

Ian starts to panic about what Anthony said. Anthony cackles like a villain. Outside, a neighbor walks by and remembers having a problem like that in the old college days and walks away. Anthony decides to suck Ian to see what his ability is. Ian keeps panicking and holds onto the table, but it was too late. Ian is already being sucked in by Anthony. Anthony stares at his hair and notices that his hair looks exactly like Ian's.

Emo hair F*****g rocks!


I Have Kirby Powers!/Script



  • In this episode, the lighting look of the Smosh house is slightly darker than earlier episodes.
  • In the very beginning of the video, when Anthony is laughing facing the wall with Ian behing him, there is no yarn on his [Anthony's] back, though when Ian gets his attention, Anthony has yarn on his back.
  • This is the second time Anthony had Ian's bowl haircut. The first time was in MY NEW EMO HAIR!.
  • In MY NEW EMO HAIR!, people thought Ian's bowl haircut sucks and Anthony's emo hair is cool. Though in this video, Anthony thinks "Bowl Haircuts F**king Rock!".
  • When Ian drinks the smoothie that Anthony made with the blender's powers, Ian drinks from a penis straw.
  • Not everything Kirby sucks up he gets an ability from. In fact, Kirby can't suck up everything; only certain enemies, mini bosses when dead, items, and opponent fighters if he was in any of the Super Smash Bros. games.
  • When Ian flips Anthony "the bird", he uses his right hand. But when Anthony says he meant the dead bird next to Ian, it switches to his left hand.
  • The "Suck my dic...tionary!"  joke first appeared in Food Battle 2007.
  • This video came the day after the announcement of Mega Evolutions to six Pokémon (two days before the announcement of Mega Kangaskhan), the revealing of three new Pokémon, and a new Gym Leader.
  • Two days before this video revealed Luigi being in the new Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U.

Shut Up! OpeningEdit

I don't play games with pink things! Blecch! That's gross! SHUT UP!

Subscription EndingEdit

Ian: Thanks for subscribing.

Anthony: I have to know what your powers are too!

Ian: What are you doing?! What are you doing?! NO! NO! AAGH!

Anthony: Sweet! I got the ability to shoot milk out of my nipples!


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