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August 9, 2013 (Smosh)
August 11, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Bruce, neighbor

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I Have Kirby Powers! is a Smosh video uploaded August 9, 2013.


Anthony gets the ability to suck things and get their powers.


By the dining table, Ian sees Anthony doing something. Ian pretends to clear his throat and Anthony reveals himself playing with Ian's mom's yarn. Anthony says that he sucked a cat and got its powers. He even says that he has a strange addiction to yarn. Ian asks if Anthony had cat powers, which Anthony did have, saying that he can jump high which he jumped on the table. He even said that he could sleep for fourteen hours, wake up for food, and meow like a little bitch if Ian doesn't give him food. He was about to say something else with his power, but instead spit a hair ball at Ian which Ian found gross. Ian thinks about Anthony sucking up things and get their powers like Kirby or something. Anthony disagreed at first, but then noticed it does sound like Kirby. Ian asked if Anthony could suck in a toaster which Anthony did and pooped out toast. Ian thought it was cool and runs over to Anthony to eat the ass toast. Ian wanted Anthony to suck more things.

Later, Ian wanted Anthony to suck in a blender which Anthony did and made a smoothie inside which he spat out into a glass. Anthony gives it to Ian even though he doesn't know what's in it. Ian drank it and thought it was greatest smoothie ever and drank more of the smoothie. Later, Ian wanted Anthony to suck his phone which Anthony did and said the voicemail from Ian's mom saying that she loves Ian. Ian thought it was the best voicemail ever until his mom also mentioned she wouldn't wash Ian's bed if he peed on it. Ian thought that he heard enough of the voicemail.

Later, Ian wanted Anthony to suck his dictionary ("SUCK MY DICK........tionary") which Anthony did and had his head turned to the cover of the dictionary. Anthony noticed his face was a book and making a joke thinking the social network was called Facenovel which Ian corrected him knowing it was Facebook. Anthony got upset although he knew he would mess that one up.

Later, Ian wanted Anthony to suck in a hairdryer which Anthony did and blew warm air from the hairdryer to Ian. Ian tries to act sexy when his hair was blown, but that just made Anthony curious of Ian. Ian said that it would look sexier in slow-motion which Anthony tried again and then agreed with Ian. Anthony wanted Ian to flip him the bird which Ian thought he meant the middle finger. Anthony told about the dead one next to Ian. Ian grabbed the dead bird and threw it to Anthony to have it sucked in. After that, Anthony fell acting like he's dead. After Anthony saw a "girl" walk by, Anthony sucked "her" in.

Ian thought Anthony has done enough sucking. Anthony stood up thinking Ian was jelly because he sucked a "hot girl" and Ian didn't. Ian said that "she" wasn't a girl but a male Taiwanese hooker named Bruce. Anthony questioned about sucking a dude which Ian agreed making Anthony notice why he didn't get any girl powers like shooting milk out of his nipples or something. Ian mentioned that no girls would do that, but Anthony interrupted and asked why there would be a hooker in their house. Ian starts to act like he doesn't know why that would happen making Anthony think that he doesn't need to know that due to wanting to suck everything no matter if it's big, small, or furry. He yells in his house that he wants to suck it all. A neighbor walking pass by his house thought of it as a memory of old college days as Anthony cackles in his house.

Anthony mentions that he gets more abilities. He gives examples saying that he can jump really high when sucking a cat, poop ice cubes when sucking a refrigerator. He even said that sucking the Taiwanese hooker would give him something he wouldn't want to talk about and might need to go for the doctors for. However, Anthony didn't care about the last and wants all the power. Ian wants Anthony to stop knowing that it's okay in a video game but not in real life. However, Anthony thought it was too late for Ian to say that and wants to know what Ian's ability is while cackling. Ian doesn't want to be sucked by Anthony, but Anthony tries to suck Ian. Ian tries to give a tight grip to the counter behind him and even lie and sit on it to avoid behind sucked in, but Anthony sucked Ian in which changed his hairstyle to a bowl haircut. Anthony thought it was awesome and jumped up in the air. There was a caption in the end saying, "BOWL HAIRCUTS F***ING ROCK!"


I Have Kirby Powers!/Script



  • In this episode, the lighting look of the Smosh house is slightly darker than earlier episodes.
  • In the very beginning of the video, when Anthony is laughing facing the wall with Ian behing him, there is no yarn on his [Anthony's] back, though when Ian gets his attention, Anthony has yarn on his back.
  • This is the second time Anthony had Ian's bowl haircut. The first time was in MY NEW EMO HAIR!.
  • In MY NEW EMO HAIR!, people thought Ian's bowl haircut sucks and Anthony's emo hair is cool. Though in this video, Anthony thinks "Bowl Haircuts F**king Rock!".
  • When Ian drinks the smoothie that Anthony made with the blender's powers, Ian drinks from a penis straw.
  • Not everything Kirby sucks up he gets an ability from. In fact, Kirby can't suck up everything; only certain enemies, mini bosses when dead, items, and opponent fighters if he was in any of the Super Smash Bros. games.
  • When Ian flips Anthony "the bird", he uses his right hand. But when Anthony says he meant the dead bird next to Ian, it switches to his left hand.
  • The "Suck my dic...tionary!"  joke first appeared in Food Battle 2007.
  • This video came the day after the announcement of Mega Evolutions to six Pokémon (two days before the announcement of Mega Kangaskhan), the revealing of three new Pokémon, and a new Gym Leader.
  • Two days before this video revealed Luigi being in the new Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U.
  • This is the last Smosh main channel video when their channel was the most subscribed.

Shut Up! Opening

I don't play games with pink things! Blecch! That's gross! SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Ian: Thanks for subscribing.

Anthony: I have to know what your powers are too!

Ian: What are you doing?! What are you doing?! NO! NO! AAGH!

Anthony: Sweet! I got the ability to shoot milk out of my nipples!



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