In the house

Anthony comes out of the bathroom while eating chips and then walks to the kitchen


(shakes a Sprite bottle and then notices Anthony with his chips) Oh, oh hey! Can I get some of those?

Anthony: Yeah, sure. (gives Ian a potato chip)

Ian: Thanks man. (chews the chip)

Anthony: (speaks in his thoughts) It's a damn good thing Ian doesn't know that I just went pee and I never washed my hands.

Ian: (spits out the chip) Dude, you never wash your hands?!

Anthony: Uh, yeah I do. These are just uh pee-flavored chips, okay? (walks away)

Sometime later

Anthony: (speaks in his thoughts) How the hell did he know I don't wash my hands? Well at least he doesn't know I'm wearing my grandma's thong right now; (shows the thong) that would be pretty embarrassing. (looks in the mirror) And thank boota he doesn't know the girl I have coming over I met at the Frozen fan-fiction message board. (hears the door bell ring and walks over) Ah sweet, she must be here.

(Ian rubs his hands together with an evil smile while Anthony opens the door)

Anthony's girlfriend: Hey Anthony.

Deleted Scene

Ian: (speaks in his thoughts while writing in his diary) Dear diary, I think I just heard Anthony's thoughts. How is this possible?

34 seconds earlier

Ian: (shakes himself while writing in his diary and speaks in his thoughts) Dear diary, Anthony's gonna get so soaked. I just wish I can hear his thoughts for when he gets pranked super hard. (throws his diary) Hehehe. (holds the bottle of Sprite with his hands while shaking it)

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