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July 21, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Stevie, strange guy

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I BROKE MY FOOT! is a Smosh video uploaded on July 19th, 2013.


Ian breaks his foot and Anthony has to do everything for him.


Anthony Padilla: Himself

Ian Hecox: Himself

Ryan Todd: Stevie


In Ian's room, Ian calls for Anthony while he plays on his blue 3DS XL. Anthony comes along asking why he called him which Ian wanted Anthony to drag him to the living room. Anthony said that Ian has to do it himself, but Ian reminded Anthony of Ian's right foot being broken because of the jug of Dixon Cider Anthony dropped on it. Ian blackmails Anthony by threatening to upload his Twilight fanfiction to the Internet. and put it in the Internet if he doesn't help. Anthony nervously denies writing any fanfiction and asks Ian to prove it by saying the title. Ian said that there are different fanfictions including Blood Isn't The Only Thing We Suck. Ian tries to provide another example, but out of humiliation Anthony decides to help Ian.

At the living room, Anthony drags Ian to the small sofa, obviously struggling as he says to lay off the Twinkies. Anthony thinks his job was finished, but Ian says that he wants to be moved to the ground because he thought the sofa was too soft. Anthony reminds Ian about his bed, but Ian says that he only sleeps on hard things. When Anthony laughs, Ian says he does not want Anthony to say "That's what she said,". However, Anthony was about to say, "That's what your dad said," which Ian thought was okay. He still wants to be moved to the ground, but when Anthony moves Ian, he complains about the ground smelling like Frankenstein's taint, and orders Anthony to move him somewhere else.

By the kitchen, Anthony drags Ian on a chair by the kitchen table for Ian to lie on. Ian thinks it was better and Anthony told Ian to not promise for anything else which he did. As Anthony was about to leave, Ian says that he is hungry, frustrating Anthony. He dragged Ian to the kitchen asking for what he wants. Ian wants a ham sandwich, making Anthony bring all the ingredients out. Ian requests that Anthony make it, since his injury made him weak. Anthony begins to make the sandwich, but Ian says he wants to make the sandwich. It turns out Ian wanted Anthony to make him make the sandwich. Anthony must grab Ian's arm to put together the ingredients, but Ian is still unsatisfied. He wants milk, which Anthony splashes in his face right from the jug. Ian says that he is the bestest friend ever, which Anthony doesn't care about. Ian requests that he do something for him, although he might not like it.

Back in Ian's bedroom, Anthony is rubbing something on Ian really hard. Anthony's arms start to get tired and later, it is revealed that Anthony was actually rubbing off the milk stain on his shorts. Anthony asks if he was done, but Ian wants one more thing. Frustrated, Anthony asks what Ian could possibly want that is so important. Ian says that he wants a hot dog on a stick covered in batter. Anthony says that Ian wants a corn dog, but Ian thinks a corn dog was a hot dog made of corn, which he doesn't wants. Ian demonstrates that he wants a corn dog not knowing it, even though Anthony says that was a corn dog. Ian thinks Anthony was making up words and orders him to go to the grocery store to buy a corn dog. Anthony says that he can't drive because his car is broken, but Ian offers his car. Anthony can't use it because it is a stick-shift. Ian thinks that everyone knows how to drive a stick and asked if Anthony was a pussy. Anthony says that he wasn't and Ian gives him the car keys.

In Ian's car, Anthony puts thought into driving the car and thinks about pushing in the clutch and putting it in reverse. As he tries to back up, he accidentally moves forward and hits Stevie. Stevie says that he is alright, although his left testicle is broken. A guilty Anthony mopes about how he's an idiot that can't do anything right. Suddenly, a strange man that resembles Anthony with a mustache and goatee appears in the passenger seat and notes Anthony's many shortcomings: breaking Ian's foot, being a dick about it when he asked for help, and having emo hair which makes him look like a girl. When he tries to fight back about his hair, the strange man wishes that emo-haired people do a favor and play in a highway. Anthony knows the strange man has emo hair, causing him to get out of the car and try to fly a kite in the highway. The strange man began to dance around in the highway with a kite. Just then, a big semi-truck hit him and he might have died.

Afterward, Ian walks out to Anthony and complains about Anthony not leaving. Anthony was wondering how Ian was walking since he was wearing a cast for his "broken foot". Ian makes an excuse that it had suddenly miraculously healed and thanks the Lord. Anthony realizes that Ian was fooling him to get him into becoming his servant, and when he runs out of the car to teach Ian a lesson, he suddenly slips on some mail, and sprains his left ankle.

In the living room, Ian feeds Anthony while Anthony lies on the couch. Anthony asks how Ian felt to be his bitch, making Ian tell him to shut up. Anthony makes it a bigger challenge by saying that his bed pan overflowed and he had to put in a bag and throws the bag to Ian. It bursts on impact, causing some of the food to spill and making Ian wet. He screams in shock.

Extended Scene

When Ian asks for some milk, Anthony gives him soymilk but Ian doesn't want it saying that he wants real milk. Anthony throws the soy milk in the refrigerator and takes out actual milk, but Ian doesn't prefer it due to its 2% fat. He wants nonfat milk to avoid becoming fat to keep his figure. Anthony complains that Ian has a lot of milk in the refrigerator.


I Broke My Foot!/Script



  • Obviously, if Ian broke his foot, he would have crutches or a wheelchair so he can move around.
  • Anthony's line: "You gotta lay off the Twinkies, man!" references the return of Hostess Twinkies in 2013
  • The new Smosh Magazine reveals that in the part where Anthony throws the bag on Ian, plastic wrap was placed around that area on the floor so it would be easier to clean up after filming.
  • This is the second appearance of Stevie from We Need Friends, he is seen when Anthony runs him over.
  • Listening the sounds and music of the 3DS, Ian was most likely playing Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.
  • A normal driveway can't lead right into a highway as depicted in the episode
  • If you look closely during the scene where Anthony is removing Ian's milk stain, It's not fully gone.
  • Ian only being able to sleep on hard objects was first mentioned 2 years ago in I KILLED THE TOOTH FAIRY!. In the episode, Ian said he kept a brick in his pillow to make it harder.
  • Ian says that Anthony breaks Ian's foot by dropping a jug of Dixon Cider on it, which is an obvious reference to Dixon Cider video.
  • As reveled in the Worst Of 2013 Remix. While filming the scene where Anthony hits Stevie with his car, it actually was something that didn't happen the way it was supposed to, as Anthony sometimes references the time he accidentally ran over Ryan Todd with Ian's car. Ryan Todd was injured after Anthony's car lurched foward to far. As limps away a crew member asks him if he's okay in which he replies "F**K No!". It is unknown if it was only a minor injury or if it was more serious than let on. 

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Hey, can you sign the cast that I have on my finger? SHUT UP!

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Click the subscribe button, or else I'm gonna break my foot! I'm waiting! Any time now! Alright, you asked for it!(crack) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!



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