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September 5, 2014 (Smosh)
September 7, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Hologram Steven Jobs, unknown employee, iPhone Hipster, Hipster girl, Samsung user

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Hologram Steve Jobs is here to give us our first look at the new iPhone 6!


A hologram Steve Jobs (Ian) is created by the people of Apple to introduce to everyone the iPhone 6 mainly because their current CEO, Tim Cook, as Steve thinks that he sucks and will never be a genius as himself also asking that who actually knew his name. An employee (Anthony) states that the new CEO's name (Tim Cook), but Steve decides to just talk about the new iPhone.

Steve states that the new iPhone has upgrades like the fact that it's completely shatter-proof. An iPhone hipster (Anthony) thought that was good and decided to throw his harga iPhone 6 at the wall. However, the phone broke causing the hipster to panic and decide to say that the phone didn't break at all.

Steve also notes that accidents happen and states that the iPhone 6 is waterproof. The hipster puts a drop of water on the phone and says, "sick tits".

Steve states that the phones have a faster processing speed which completely obliterates previous models. However, the speed looks the same which also ended in Steve Jobs peeing on Tim Cook. Steve decides to slow it down to see the faster speed. However, the speed is still the same. As a total game changer, when the hipster was taking a picture of hipster girl (Shawna Smith) he couldn't activate the back camera causing him to freak out. Steve said that since no one takes real pictures anymore, Apple disabled the back camera and improve the front camera since all people do is take selfies. The hipster thought it was true and decides to take selfies with the girl while thinking the second one would look bitchy with the "Kelvin filter". Also, Steve states that the company been on the selfie trend so much that when someone's on camera mode, they're already on camera mode. Afterwards, he takes selfies of himself.

Steve decides to talk about more major upgrades like the fact that it's lighter. The hipster thought it was an actual lighter thinking that it's so much easier. Steve tells the hipster what he actually meant which the hipster realizes afterwards and chews on his cigarette. Steve wonders if the hipster was that dumb. He even thought that the problem is because of them working with Tim Cook which he called him "Tom Crook". The employee stated his name to the hologram and said that Steve hired him. Steve questioned and then decides to just continue on.

Steve decided to show the screen of the new iPhone 6, but the employee informed him that it's an iPhone 5s. Steve realized that and picks an iPad mini which is, again, informed by the employee. Steve got confused and picked up an Apple TV remote which the employee again informed. Steve kept on feeling confused and picked up a rotary phone which the employee said that it's not even close. Steve then picked up a Pop-tart which he realized it was and eats it thinking that it tastes like "microwave". Steve realized he had "the phone" in his pocket the whole time and showed it to people. The employee told Steve that's a Samsung Galaxy S3. Steve gets annoyed and decides to just show the apps.

The iPhone 6 features the new app called the Fitness App. Siri tells the hipster about the fat places that need improvement immediately (since he's "5% healthy and 95% disgusting"). Siri also marked spots where he's "ugly as f**k". The hipster found those facts true. Steve says that it tracks people's calories and motivates them to reach their weight loss goal. In a kitchen, the hipster starts to grab something from the fridge until Siri stopped him asking if he would want to do that. The hipster states that he's hungry, but gets zapped by the phone and lies on the ground. The hipster thought the process was easier than self-control.

They even made another enhancement to the iOS since the beginning: all Samsung phones within a fifty foot radius will burst into flames. A Samsung user (Patrick Egan) has his phone burst into flames due to the fact that the hipster is near him with an iPhone 6.

Steve stated that the new phone is not very different and a total waste of money. He even sarcastically thanked Tim Cook while saying his name wrong. The employee tried to correct the hologram, but Steve shot him. Steve wondered if holograms get charged for murder; he then decides to run away for safety.

Deleted Scene

Steve says that they made the "greatest" enhancement to the iPhone 6 in which the icons are slightly more vibrant. The hipster wonder if that was it wondering if those were the only new features. Steve also states that it makes the older iPhone's run like sh*t forcing people to buy the iPhone 6.


IPhone 6 Revealed/Script


  • With Apple announcing two new iPhones the week after this video's release, this video counts as a sequel to IPhone 5 REVEALED.
  • Behind Hologram Steve Jobs, and before the subscription ending is the Apple logo, though with a more detailed and ridged bite mark on the right side.
  • The old-fashioned rotary phone that first appeared in 2009's Pizza Zombies! is held up by hologram Steve Jobs as what he thinks is the iPhone 6.
  • Siri's line: "Or I will annihilate the human race" in the subscription ending could possibly reference 2012's SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME!.
  • Despite being a hologram, Steve Jobs is somehow able to hold physical objects.
  • At the end of the video, Steve's pocket is on fire when he is holding the iPhone, so that means he uses a Samsung.

Shut Up! Opening

(Siri speaks) Why doesn't anyone use me anymore? SHUT UP!


Ian Hecox as Steve Jobs
Anthony Padilla as iPhone hipster
Shawna Smith as hipster girl
Patrick Egan as galaxy user



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