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August 24, 2012 (Smosh)
August 26, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Billy Hamburger, his mom and dad, Steve Jobs, Wes Alderman, Hailey Matthews, other costumers, golfers

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iPhone 5 REVEALED is a Smosh video uploaded on August 24, 2012.

Brief Syponsis: Steve Jobs makes a smartphone better than the iPhone 4S and demonstrates it.


The iPhone 4S was the best thing in the history and people thought that there was no way it could be better. So Steve Jobs (Ian) travels into the afterlife to take on that challenge of making the next iPhone better than the last, introducing the iPhone 5.

Wes Alderman (Anthony) says that the new iPhone tackles the previous problem of auto correction. Now Siri asks if the user meant to type each and every word in the text. Mr. Hamburger texts Billy to do his homework. Siri asks Billy's dad if he want to use "do" or "so." Siri wants to check if he is sure in which he agreed with. Siri then asked if want to use "your" or "beaver." Mr. Hamburger felt confused after hearing that.

Wes even said that the power cords in old iPhones were too bulky. They solved that problem by making the world's smallest power Cords. A guy trying to charge is iPhone 5 tries to find the power Cord holder using a light microscope. He tries to get the cord in, but can't seem to do it at two hundred times the perspective.

Hailey Matthews says that the iPhone 5 has improved the vibrate mode, even stating that her previous phone was hard to find in her purse. The new iPhone is even louder than before, giving it a 1.5 in the richter scale at it's highest setting. When the phone rang, it broke the glass table. Mrs. Hamburger picked up the phone from the floor and tells the other caller to call back later. She then puts the phone down on her lower body and smiles when it vibrates.

Many people wanted the LED flash to be brighter, but Apple has taken it a step further and the flash covers the entire back of the phone. When Billy was celebrating his birthday, his father took his picture and Billy was blocking the flash from the iPhone 5. Hailey thought that the two LED's is good enough and said that Steve insisted, only to be shot by Steve for saying that.

Steve Jobs says that the old iPhones that record videos vertically looked wrong. Mr. Hamburger was making a video called My Dumb Son's Birthday which had most of screen black. Steve then says that when recording the video vertically with the iPhone 5, it won't act so pleasantly. When Billy's dad recorded the video, it suddenly ignited and burned his hand.

Hailey (really Steve Jobs in a wig) also says that the iPhone 5 made it easier to remember things. Siri will now overhear your conversations and give you reminders at the appropriate times. Mr. Hamburger was playing golf when Siri reminds him: "I really should tell my cheating whore of a wife to stop making Mexican food! Gah, my ass burns!"

Wes says that the iPhone 5 has made Siri even more human like than ever, going as far as telling racist jokes like your friends. A black man asks Siri for a joke. Siri says, "What's the difference between a black man and a pizza?" The black man, offended, says, "Hey yo, that's f***ed up!" Wes also says that they gave Siri a soul by giving you the option to switch Siri's voice to the most soulful voice in the world. The Hamburger family greet the new Siri, with Siri using Morgan Freeman's voice.

Steve says that the iPhone 5 will change the world and tells the viewers to buy it, "OR I'LL **** YOUR **** AND **** YOUR ****!" Steve says that the price of the iPhone 5 will be $100 for the 1GB version or $800 for the 8GB and a 10 year contract. Steve wonders why he even told the prices since people are going to buy it anyway.

Alternate Scene #1

Billy and his parents said hello to Bibby Sid who is replacing Siri. The mother says to the phone, "We love you!"

Alternate Scene #2

Billy and his parents say hello to Snoop Lion who is replacing Siri. Mr. Hamburger doesn't think that's the voice's name. However, Billy says that the name is real now. The family laughs and Billy says that the name was stupid.

Alternate Scene #3

Billy and his parents were saying hello to LL Cool James who is replacing Siri. Billy noticed that James has a lot of letters in his name. Mr. Hamburger thinks that Cool in Cool J. Has a Q in it. Billy's dad asks LL Cool J. (who is replacing Siri's voice), "Siri, how do you spell LL Cool Day.

Alternate Scene #4

Billy asks Siri on what it means if his parents says that he is special and he needs brain surgery to fix his broken brain.

Alternate Scene #5

Billy and his parents are saying hello to Usher who is replacing Siri. Billy says to the phone that he likes Usher abs. The camera starts coming closer to Billy.

My Dumb Son's Birthday

(The entire screen is vertical)

Billy Hamburger likes his birthday cake saying that it was the best one ever. He eats it without a fork and without his mouth closed. He thanks his dad and while still eating the cake the wrong way. Even though he and his dad are the only people in the party, he thinks it is the best birthday party ever. Still eating the cake wrong, Billy thinks he ate a candle. Mr. Hamburger thought Billy was the son he wished he never had while Billy thought Mr. Hamburger was the father who his mother said wasn't his real father. The father said that his wife is a liar.


  • In all the Ves Alderman scenes, Ves takes off a piece of clothing each scene, in the first scene, he is fully shirted, then he takes off his business coat, then his tie, then his dress shirt revealing a grey "wife-beater".
  • Mr. Hamburger is played by Floyd Harden, the guy who played Talent Agent Otto in SELLING OUT!?
  • When Mr. Hamburger posted the video on YouTube, the Bot Best Friend ad on YouTube is a reference to the video, AWESOME NEW ROBOT!.
    • Also in that seen you can see the username is supertroll with the troll face.
    • Also in the suggested videos, there's a video called I can fly book review which is a reference to Smosh On The News!.
  • When Pissed Off Dad is typing a text to Billy, the text in the clear grey speech bubble is a Pokemon mentioning the definition of masturbation.
  • His service is provided by GAYT&T, who provides service to Ian in THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERS and If Video Games Were Real
    • Mr. Hamburger's contact for Billy is My Dumb Son.
      • In the text defining masturbation Billy used the Pokemon Cubone, Marowak, Beedrill, Squritle, and Drowzee in his text message.
  • My Dumb Son's Birthday is an actual YouTube video, and the PissedOffDad1969 channel exists.
  • In this video, not My Dumb Son's Birthday, Billy's present has Hannah Montana wrapping paper on it (from Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3), and next to him on the right is a Cheetah Girls napkin
  • Billy's Parents looked differently than the ones in Parents Suck!, MIME FAIL!, and If Holidays Were Real.
  • When Billy's Mom's Phone rings, she is getting a call from Drew Peacock's mobile phone. Billy's Mother's background is a cat and Drew Peacock's pictorial Icon is a picture of Oishi Kawaii.
    • This makes Oishi the first Shut Up! Cartoons character to make a cameo appearance in a main Smosh video.
  • The tiger pajamas made its fourth appearance.
  • In the end, when money is falling onto Steve, some of the dollars have vandalized Washingtons on them, and "BONER" written around the "ONE" on the back
  • If you look in the thumbnail, the apps's names are different and describe them:
    • Angry Birds is "Overrated"
    • Tumblr is "Stupid Gifs"
    • Facebook is "Stalking"
    • Instagram is "HipsterCam"
    • Draw Something is "Old News"
    • Twitter is "Twatter"
    • Photos is "Flowers"
    • Stocks is "Heart Monitor"
    • Notes is "Yellow Paper"
  • The joke that Siri told the Black Dude was racist because it refers to a black man and the cheese on pizza before it is cooked is white.

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