Playing with Guns


October 1, 2010

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Ian, Anthony, 911 Officer

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IAN IS DANGEROUS!, previously titled PLAYING WITH GUNS!, is a Smosh video uploaded on October 1, 2010 but in 2017 the video was renamed IAN IS DANGEROUS!. In this episode, Ian accidentally shoots Anthony in the foot.


Anthony is playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when Ian comes in showing his pistol. Ian pretends to shoot Anthony, but Anthony tells him to stop. Ian tells him that the gun isn't loaded , but when he pulls the trigger, the gun fires, exciting Ian and freaking Anthony out, telling him that he could've been shot. Ian tells him that he didn't only to see Anthony's right foot bleeding, making him realize that he has shot Anthony in the foot.

Anthony starts to panic and Ian tells him that he has a First Aid App on his phone. Ian gets distracted when he sees an Angry Birds update, making Anthony tell Ian to call 911. Ian does so and lies to the lady that Anthony shot himself in the foot, and tells her that they need an ambulance. However, the lady gets scared as she says that they're being robbed and tells Ian to call 911. Ian is about to dial, but then he tells the lady that they are 911. The lady says, "Oh! Look at you Mr. Smarty Pants Know-It-All! Dick!" before hanging up on Ian. Ian tells Anthony that he looks nothing like Mr. Smartipantz before he points to a Smartipantz Family picture.

Anthony pleads Ian to make his foot stop bleeding. Ian concludes that if he blocks the hole, the bleeding will stop. So he takes a hammer and a metal stake and jabs Anthony's foot with the stake, only making the pain worse. Ian tells him that he has to get it deeper and jabs Anthony's foot again, causing Anthony to painfully cry out "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" from Ian's remark. Before Ian can get the stake into Anthony's foot the third time, Anthony yells at Ian to just take him to a doctor.

Anthony tells Ian on their way to the car that he will kill Ian if he dies before they get to the emergency room, which confuses Ian. Anthony suddenly refuses to get in Ian's car "Frank", which has Ian ask why. Anthony says that "Frank" has "that stupid [pink] mustache" on it and tells Ian to remove it. Ian tells Anthony that the mustache is "an extension of Frank's personality." Ian tells Anthony that if Anthony doesn't want to go inside "Frank," then Ian will have to give him a piggyback ride to the hospital. Anthony refuses at first because he thinks that getting piggyback rides are gay, but realises that he has no other choice. So he gets on Ian's back, who takes him to the hospital.

However, the entire ordeal turns out to be Anthony telling Ian that shooting him in the foot is the "only theoretical way" that Anthony would let Ian give him a piggyback ride. However, Anthony's explanation starts to give Ian a smirk on his face. A few minutes later, Ian has actually shot Anthony's foot to give him piggyback ride, making Anthony scream, "YOU ACTUALLY DID IT YOU BASTARD!!!", while Ian shouts, "WHEEEEE!!!"

Trivia / Goofs

  • This episode shows one of Anthony's dislikes.
  • The episode's plot involves Ian shooting Anthony in the foot, which refers to the saying: "Looks like you've shot yourself in the foot."
  • While Anthony is playing The Legend of Zelda, the audio heard is from "If Video Games Were Real."
  • During Anthony's explanation, the mustache on Ian's car "Frank" is pink, but in real life it is white.
  • The blood coming from Anthony's foot is seen to be jelly.
  • Ian's way to heal Anthony is similar to when Jesus gets nailed to a cross.
  • The Pink Mustache is Shape and Look like Markiplier Pink Mustache
  • The gun seen on the thumbnail is a Desert Eagle pistol. Judging from the looks, it is either a 357.Mag or 44.Mag but most likely the latter due to the tactical rail. However, the gun seen in the video appears to be modeled after the Beretta 92, which is also Sergeant Anous gun and reappears in several future videos.
  • The video, due to YouTube advertisers not associating themselves with violence or profanity or general crassness, was retitled in the latter part of 2017. This phenomenon was due to something many call the YouTube Adpocalypse.

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing! And if you don't, I'll shoot your foot! *whispers* And I'm not joking. I've killed five people."

Shut Up! Opening

"Haha! I like shootin' guns that go bang bang shootin' and bang bang- SHUT UP!"





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