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I-Nerd and A-Nerd (played by Ian and Anthony respectively) are two stereotypical, nerdy characters. They appears in videos that have to deal with comic books, Star Wars and super hero movies.


I-Nerd wears a tee shirt that has a picture of a beaker on it, under a gray zip up jacket. He also wears a baseball cap that has a picture of a brain on it with large round glasses and blue jeans. A-Nerd wears a Star Wars robe with the hood up over a plain white tee shirt. He wears blue jeans or khaki pants, he also has a very thin mustache. He is usually seen holding a lightsaber. They both speak in over exaggerated, stereotypical nerdy voices.

Video Appearances

Disney Star Wars

The two Star Wars fans noticed that Disney screwed up Star Wars, but they still want to see the movie. A-Nerd bought tickets, I-Nerd bought the lunchbox of the movie, and A-Nerd bought Leia's slave bra.

How to Be a YouTube Commenter

As the old man continues to struggle, Vulcan4Dayz (I-Nerd's YouTube account) was the first to view of the dying grandpa. BobaBubba69 (A-Nerd's YouTube account) hated the shirt and dislikes him. I-Nerd also said that his old videos we're better when he wasn't a fat whale and also, Go away The grandpa is then seen dead which the two guys unsubscribed him and ran away.

Movie Reboots Suck

I-Nerd and A-Nerd were watching Game of Thrones when they see lots of trailers for movie reboots which they blamed Stan Lee for creating all of them.

F**k Spoilers!

Ian and Anthony spoiled Star Wars and tell them that Luke is Leia's brother.

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