I'm Possessed!


December 9, 2011 (Smosh)
September 5, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Characters Featured:

Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Dr. Drew Peacock, Anthony's Demon (Looks familiar to Darth Maul without his horns), Old Rabbi

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I'M POSSESSED! is a Smosh video uploaded on December 9, 2011.

Breif Synopsis: Ian believes that Anthony's hiccups are a sign of being possessed so he hires an exorcist to cure him.


Ian was getting sleeping bags, pillows and food ready when he hears a doorbell ringing. Anthony comes in with root beer bottles asking who else is coming. However, Ian tells him that he invited Anthony over for a slumber party for just the two of them. The two were in their sleeping bags as Ian happily comments how much fun they're having, when Anthony suddenly hiccups. Ian gets scared and believes Anthony is possessed. Anthony doesn't believe it, but Ian freaks out when he sees a demon (Jason Michael Fong) behind Anthony.

Ian tells Anthony that he has a demon inside of him and tells him what he saw on the History Channel before getting out a flashlight. Ian tells a story about a man who lived in the great mountains of Kansas named Ebenezer Splooge (played by Ian) and his wife Penny (played by Anthony). The Splooges were "happy and oh so go-lucky" until it all started when they drank homemade booze from their toilet bowl. They believed they just got hiccups and they used it to entertain themselves (since according to Ian, "this was long before video games and crap, so hiccups were the only fun thing people can have"). However, the hiccups got worse over time before the beginning of the burning, the blindness, and the part that's so horrible, it still "haunts [Ian] to this day." However, Ian never said what it was because he got bored and changed the channel, but when he changed it back, the Splooges were dead. It was then that Anthony pleads Ian for help, in which Ian knows just the man.

Ian calls Dr. Drew Peacock (played by Ian) for an exorcism. Ian gets excited to watch, but Dr. Peacock tells Ian to leave, claiming that he "can't perform exorcisms with a Bieber haircut here." Ian then leaves before Dr. Peacock tells Anthony that his method is dangerous and tells him to listen very carefully. Dr. Peacock explains that to kill the demon, he has to kill himself so his spirit can fight him. He also tells Anthony that within five seconds after he takes the pill, Anthony must give him an antidote that will revive him or else he will be permenantly dead. Dr. Peacock takes the pill and urges Anthony for the antidote. However, Anthony was wearing headphones the entire time and didn't know what to do because he didn't listen to his instructions, letting Dr. Peacock die. Ian and Anthony later look at Dr. Peacock's body, in which Anthony warns that he's "getting stiff" and tells him that Anthony will handle the head while Ian handles the shaft.

Ian tells Anthony that he called another guy who has done plenty of exorcisms in his family. An elderly rabbi comes in and takes Anthony to a room to perform the exorcism. One hour later, Anthony and the rabbi come back, with Anthony's hiccups gone. The rabbi commends Anthony for being tough, as "most boys [Anthony's] age would scream like hell when they have a circumcision." Ian and Anthony look confused and the rabbi denies that he did an exorcism. Anthony opens his pants and looks at his penis, in which he and Ian scream in horror.

Deleted Scene

When Dr. Drew Peacock died, Anthony said that he has fought long and hard doing what he loved and he loves Peacock.


  • .The opening theme is the song "Tubular Bells" from the horror classic, The Exorcist (1973)
  • When the "1 hour later" time card appears, the narrator who reads the title card out loud (portrayed by Ian) is based on the French narrator from SpongeBob.
  • The pill that Dr. Drew Peacock took is the Potter Pill. If you look very closely and pause quickly as he takes the pill out from his bag, you can see the scar.
    • It is Ironic that Dr. Drew Peacock was seen in The Harry Potter Pill, as an FDA administrator approving the Potter Pill against his will. In this episode, he is an exorcist and is using his forcibly-approved product.
    • However, in that episode, he was portrayed by Anthony Padilla.
  • Drew Peacock calls Billy Hamburger's mom on her iPhone 5 in IPhone 5 REVEALED. His background is a cat and his pictorial icon (where a facial pic of the person goes) is a pic of Oishi Kawaii.
  • At 1:39, after lan says "Their fun was about to turn deadly", the demon appears between Penny and Ebenezer with 2 red stars drawn on their faces

    The Potter Pill

    • In the next 2 seconds, at 1:41, if you look closely, there's a 3rd hand in lan's sleeping bag holding the flashlight.
  • When you look at the gravestones of the Splooges, Ebenezer's epitath says, "He splooge'd til his last day." and Penny's epitath says, "Yeah, she had a penis."
  • Ebenezer Splooge is a parody of Ebenezer Scrooge.
  • When lan and Anthony are sitting on Ian's bed, you can see the shadow of the microphone on the wall.
  • When Ebenezer Splooge and his wife Penny are dancing stupidly, Anthony (playing Penny Splooge) has no shoes on, just feet.
  • The story of Ebenezer Scrooge was just Scrooge himself, he didn't have a wife.
  • During the archive footage of the History Channel Splooge documentary, the "H" logo bug was a green square on a green pole, to add a bug in the corner of the screen.
  • Ian seeing the Demon behind Anthony at 0:56 is a reference to a scene in Insidious.
  • The demon looks like some monster seen from a movie.
  • Anthony and Ian are seen in their sleeping bags the same way as they were in "The Haunting", with Ian shirtless and Anthony's entire body inside his sleeping bag (with the exception of his face).
  • The fact that Anthony was circumcised by a rabbi is a reference to the mandatory Jewish tradition of circumcising the male offspring.

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing! (A picture of a demon (from the video) pops up for fraction of a second) Whoa! I just pooped my pants... This is awkward."

Shut Up! Opening

"*the Exorcist theme* SHUT UP!"



Anthony Padilla as himself, Penny Splooge
Ian Hecox as himself, Ebenezer Splooge, Dr. Drew Peacock
Jason Michael Fong as Anthony's demon
Dick Martin as Rabbi


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