July 8, 2011 (Smosh)

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Anthony, Ian, Pierre, Italian Mafia, two Japanese people

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I'M NOT RACIST!!! is a Smosh video uploaded on July 8, 2011.

Brief Synopsis: Ian goes out of town and leaves Anthony with his French cousin. Is Anthony really racist!?


Ian is is about to leave the house for his flight to France when Anthony stops to tell him good-bye. Ian tells Anthony that his French cousin, Pierre, is staying over and then leaves without letting him answer. Immediately after Ian drives away, Pierre arrives at their house. Anthony comments how Pierre doesn't look very French, and Pierre gets offended, accusing Anthony of being racist. Anthony admits that he's just never seen a real French person before. Anthony and Pierre high five, and Pierre squeezes Anthony's butt, making him feel really awkward. When a red truck starts to turn to the street Anthony and Ian live on, Pierre tries to rush inside the house and the driver says, "We got you now."

Later, Anthony is sitting on the couch when his cell phone goes off. Anthony answers and Ian is on the other line. Anthony tells him that Pierre "looks and talks like Hulk Hogan" and Ian says that all French people do. Then, Anthony asks if Pierre is gay, and Ian angrily replies that not all French men are gay. Anthony then tells Ian that earlier, Pierre was doing some questionable things, including randomly holding Anthony's hand when he was giving Pierre a tour of the house ("NOT GAY!"), eating the same noodle Anthony was eating ("NOT GAY!"), and looking at gay porn ("NOT GA- OK THAT MIGHT BE A LITTLE GAY!"). Ian accuses Anthony of being racist, and Anthony reminds Ian that Pierre was looking at gay porn/pornography. Ian replies, "And who doesn't from time to time?" Anthony agrees. Ian then says he has to go, telling Anthony that he's been looking for French fries for five hours and couldn't find them anywhere.

Someone knocks on the door and Anthony sees that there are two guys that both look like Richard Simmons. Anthoy asks Pierre if they're his friends, and he tells him that it's the Italian Mafia. Pierre confesses that he has gambling debt, and then says that he just can't say no to Naked Twister. The two "gay voiced" Italians break into the house finding Pierre and Anthony huddled by the door. Pierre says that he's scared, and tells Anthony to hold him. Anthony, who is disgsted, refuses. The Italians spot the two and say that they're going to kill them, asking if they have any last words. Anthony asks why they look like Richard Simmons. The Italians become offended and Pierre says that all Italians look like him. Anthony says he thought that they talk like Mario, only to offend the Italians even more. The Italians decide to leave because of Anthony's racism, with one of them saying, "Enjoy being racist... AND GAY!" Pierre (while holding Anthony's chest) thinks that the Italian was referring to Anthony and lets go, saying "Eww!"

Ian arrives home, stating that it was a quick flight from France, and introduces Anthony to his two new friends from Japan (one of them being Mari), both looking like Elvis. Anthony says, "Oh great, let me guess. All Japanese people look and dress like Elvis, right?" Ian tells Anthony that they just came back from an Elvis convention. Mari then takes off her glasses and says in Japanese to Anthony, "Fucking racist!" (人種差別(じんしゅさべつ)にあるクソ!jinshusabetsu niaru kuso!).



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  • Anthony was never racist at all; he was being more or less stereotypical.
  • Anthony's ring tone when Ian calls him is the Nyan Cat song.
  • In the extras, it is shown that there was originally going to be a scene where Anthony and Pierre walk outside, but Ian decides to scrap the idea since it was raining outside when they were filming.
  • Contrary to what a lot of people believe, this is Mari 's second appearance in a Smosh video. Her first appearance was in Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE.

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