Hump the Camera

Hump the Camera is the 148th installment of the IanH show Lunchtime with Smosh.


Massive food spills, horrible accents, and Twitter questions from YOU! It's Lunchtime w/ Smosh!



The camera pans to Anthony from the right as Anthony says in a wacky Russian accent that he is Vladmir Putin and that he does a good accent. Meanwhile, Ian is diagnonally a few feet back from Anthony, likely on his phone. The animation plays.

In the house - Pt. 1

Ian holding the camera, both exaggeratedly say hi to the camera. They are going to have Indian food once more, and the video where they last had Indian food is put in an unclickable link at the bottom of the screen. They begin joking about the "cumin" in the last episode and then stop and begin ordering their food from Anthony's cell phone. It is Ian's idea to order the food in the accent of a drunk Russian man.