April 11, 2014 (Smosh)
April 13, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Bob Roberts, Ian, Anthony, Old Man Grandpa, Ryan Higa, Felix Kjellberg, Jenna Marbles, Ray William Johnson, I-Nerd and A-Nerd

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"Like this if you cry everytime."

How to Be a YouTube Commenter is the fifteenth episode of Season 2014. It is the ninth instalment of the "How-To" Series.


Bob Roberts is back to teach people how to comment like everyone else does on YouTube! They visit Smosh, NigaHiga, RayWilliamJohnson, PewDiePie, and JennaMarbles to test out their awesome commenting skills!



An old man (played by Anthony) is seen watching the ending scene to Guys' Guide to Hugging Guys, in which a naked man hugs another man (Anthony). Gramps says he wants to tell Ian and Anthony that they're "homos", but he doesn't know how to do it on the internet. Suddenly, he sees another YouTube video called How 2 Comnent on Youtubes and decides to watch the video.

The video begins with a man's torso falling down slowly to his legs where they eventually stick to each other. The man introduces himself, and says his name is Bob Roberts. He claims to be the "master of the YouTubes" and asks the audience if they've ever wanted to leave a comment on a YouTube video. Gramps yells at the video saying: "Absolutely Mr. Guy in the Computer!" Bob says that he has perused through a dozen YouTube comments and found the best way to leave feedback on a YouTube video. He then tells the audience to come along and jumps away from the scene.

Bob Roberts is seen telling the first rule is to spell everything wrong and write in all capital letters. Grandpa agrees, and tries to do it immediately. He now knocks on a door, which is the gaming room to Smosh. Ian and Anthony open the door, only to have the man share a comment on paper which says "UR VEEDUS SUX & UR 12 YR OLDZ & UR HOMOOZ". Ian reads it as "Our vides socks and we're 12-year-old humies?" leaving him and Anthony confused.

Bob is now seen telling the audience, "If you're the first comment on a video, make sure you shout first." The old man does this very act, confusing Ian and Anthony further. Roberts also says, you can always just say "gay." The old man does so and runs off happily. Ian and Anthony close the door confused, but not before putting their hands around each other, implying they actually are gay.

Bob now fades in claiming he's a ghost, but then claims he's just joking. He then says you can start an argument in the comment section, but advises to know absolutely nothing about what you're arguing about.

Grandpa knocks at Ryan Higa's (Anthony) door, and tells him: "I dont like Obama because other people said they don't like Obama and I dont have the payshunts too do my own research and from my opinion on Obama." Ryan then says: "Get out of my office old man, this is where I shoot the YouTubes!"

Bob is now seen looking in his pants (particularly his crotch). He then tells the audience to look for a triangle and shout "Illuminati." Grandpa does so, as he sees Ryan's shirt has a triangle. Ryan quickly tries hiding it with a lamp.

Robert now says to leave advice in the comments, so the user can become a better YouTuber. Grandpa then opens two doors, only to see Ray William Johnson say: "What the sh*t?" Grandpa tells him what he thinks, but is interrupted by Bob Roberts saying he was kidding, and you should just shout "GAY!" Johnson now says: "That's some great f*cking advice, bro!"

Roberts now tells everyone to question things of videos. Grandpa interrupts PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg is his real name) (Anthony) in the middle of a gaming session, and questions how he's the 301st viewer while the video has 2000 likes. He then accuses PewDiePie of several things, including a hacker and scammer, also acknowledging that Felix is a Swedish person in a ridiculing manner. Bob Roberts then says one could copy a sad story.

Grandpa tells Felix a really sad story, in which his wife dies. Gramps and Felix stare at each other for a long time, until Felix Kjellberg only yells, "SHUT THE F**K UP, GRANDPA BRO!"

Bob uses his trousers like wings and flies before talking about the rule. He tells the audience if the video has a girl in it, be sexist, terrible, and disgusting as possible, because everybody else does it. In Jenna Marble's bathroom, Jenna (Ian) gets out of the shower. On the toilet, Grandpa says that Jenna looks like a whore which she complained. Bob also said to ignore their feelings and say something rude because the commenter is anonymous. Grandpa told Jenna that she's getting super obese and that he hates her voice. He also yells out, "TITS OR GTFO!!!!" Jenna brings out a knife and warns Grandpa about cutting him which he gets frightened.

Bob is seen acting like a robot upside down on the ends and right side up in the middle. He also tells the people about saying thing's in case their comment gets negative feedback. One example is that the little sister left the comment and sent the negative comment. Jenna knows he's lying and starts stabbing Grandpa. Bob even said they can finish it off with another "gay". Grandpa says gay before he slowly falls to the ground.


Bob is seen flying around in his underpants. He then tells them to follow his to become a professional YouTube commenter. He wishes the audience a fine afternoon before bursting upwards and flies around the screen. Bob thinks that he's having a stroke.


As the old man continues to struggle, I-Nerd was the first to view of the dying Grandpa. A-Nerd hated the shirt and dislikes him. I-Nerd also said that his old videos we're better when he wasn't a fat whale and also, "TITS OR GTFO!" Grandpa dies and two guys unsubscribe him and leave.


How to Be a YouTube Commenter/Script


  • Just like IPhone 5 REVEALED, a character in the video takes off a piece of clothing everytime, or in this case, pulls his pants down slightly everytime he appears.
  • This is the third appearance of Bob Roberts, and is his first "How To" video
  • When the old man went into Ryan Higa's room, "Ryan" is holding a lamp. This is likely a reference to "Little Lamp," a character from the real Ryan's "Dear Ryan" videos.
  • On the right at 2:39, there is the cardboard cutout of Hatsune Miku from BIGGEST ZIT EVER!
  • When the Old Man clicks on the video How 2 Coment on YouTubers, its duration is 5:36 and only has 12 views.
  • When the Old Man leaves the room, you can see a poster of Food Battle: The Game's possible final boss.

Shut Up! Opening

"Whoa! The like button makes a sound when you click it. SHUT UP!"



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