How Not to Make a First Impression

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December 4, 2006
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How Not to Make a First Impression is the first installment of the "How-To" Series.

Brief Synopsis: Ian and Anthony show you how not to make a first impression when meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time.


Ian and Anthony are standing in front of a house, and Ian says, "Guys are always worried about meeting their girlfriend's parents for the first time." Anthony continues the statement, saying, "Today, we're gonna show you how NOT to make a first impression. If you avoid doing all these things at all costs, you'll be in great shape." Ian then nods in agreement.

A man opens the door to show a guy (Ian) who says his name is Adam, and that he Is Amy's date. He asks if Amy is ready yet, and the man inside says, "I'm Amy's father. Come sit down while she finishes getting ready." They are later shown sitting at a table, with Amy's dad staring at Adam, and Adam looking away uncomfortably. Amy's dad asks Adam what he thinks of Amy, and he replies, "She is really hot. And her butt, I just wanna smack it! You know what I'm saying?" Amy's dad disapproves, saying, "See, that's the problem with your generation! No respect!" Adam then farts, and Amy's dad asks what's wrong with him. He says that he ate Mexican food earlier, and it gave him bad gas. He says that he has Tums in his pocket, but instead pulls out a ton of condoms. Amy's dad asks, "And just what do you plan on doing with these?" Adam explains, "Well, you know what they say, Safety First. I mean, I don't even know what sort of diseases your daughter may have. And there's always the chance that she forgot to take her pill. Safety First." His stomach then starts to make obnoxious noises, and Amy's dad yells at him. He then makes a disgusted face, and Adam apologizes, saying that "those tacos just go right through me." Amy's dad tells him to leave, and Adam gets up to do so, but not before accidentally farting in Amy's dad's face. He is promptly thrown out of the house with the door slammed in his face. Adam asks, "So are you just gonna tell Amy to meet me out here?" When no response is heard, Adam says, "Well, can I at least have my condoms back?"




How Not to Make a First Impression/Script



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