How Lady Gaga Got Famous
How Lady Gaga Got Famous
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June 11, 2010

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"How Lady Gaga Got Famous" is a Smosh short video, uploaded on June 11, 2010.

As the title suggests, this is Smosh's interpretation on how Lady Gaga got famous.


Lady Gaga (portrayed by Ian) was walking down the hall talking to someone on the phone, complaining that life would be better off without "it." Gaga complains that she has to cross her legs so nobody sees "it" because everyone's been looking at "it." She also adds that they have to go around "it" whenever she gets a bikini wax. She tells the person that getting "it" removed isn't going to be cheap and tells the person she has to find some way to make a bunch of money before she gets an idea.

Gaga tells the person on the phone that she should make "dancy pop music" that appeals to "gay guys and women," all while appealing to men as "a sex icon." Gaga then adds that she'll wear "really crappy clothes" and say that it's "all in the name of fashion." Gaga says that she thought of it all by herself, but the camera reveals that she got the idea from a Madonna poster. Gaga tells the person that she can finally get "it" removed, in which she tells the person that it's a mole on her leg. She then turns around and with her voice suddenly deeper, she adds, "And my d**k!".


Lady Gaga - Herself
Stunts - Randy "Macho Man" Savage
Correct grammar by - You're Mom

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