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January 3, 2014 (Smosh)
January 5, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, tiger, cop, Miley Cyrus, Damien, Minnesotan mailman, evil wii controller

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Horny Cellmate is the first Smosh video of 2014 and the first episode of Smosh Libs.


Smosh is using the viewers' suggestions to make a script and shoot it on the spot, with no props other than what they have around the house (luckily the viewers send them a bunch of weird stuff in the mail).



In the living room, Anthony tells the audience that they're doing something different today. Ian said that they wrote to each other a Mad Lib story and will use the viewers' words to fill in the blanks. Anthony picked up the bags saying that they were huge and decided to pick some words while introducing Smosh Libs.

(the words will be numbered on each Mad Lib to show the amount of blanks there are; also the different Mad Libs have NOTHING to do with each other)

* Only mentioned in Fun With Condoms, the extras to this episode.

Bold Used in the video.

Being in Jail and Having to Break Out


  1. lovely (adjective)
  2. thrusting (type of movement)
  3. Whisper Song (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  4. tiger (animal)
  5. panicked (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  6. epidermis (body part)*
  7. carpet (noun)*
  8. gay (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  9. pinky toe (body part)
  10. crunchy (adjective)
  11. earlobe (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  12. moist (adjective)
  13. chair (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  14. fuck nuggets (random exclamation)
  15. ratchet (adjective)
  16. bandage (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  17. lamp (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  18. Pikachu (video game character)
  19. corn (noun)*
  20. horny (adjective)
  21. eyebrow (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  22. Canadian accent (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  23. How's it hanging? (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  24. Damien (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  25. drink driving (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  26. doing indecent exposure (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  27. microwave (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  28. Miley Cyrus (annoying celebrity)
  29. poopy (adjective)*
  30. phone (object)*
  31. That's just something ugly people say (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  32. to be the first person to eat a lollipop in space while riding a horse (life long goal)
  33. corny (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  34. uvula (body part)
  35. penguin (animal)
  36. baby (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  37. cute (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  38. squish (verb)
  39. toothbrush (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  40. gayly (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  41. pogo sticking into a pool while eating a banana (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  42. erect (adjective)

Smosh Lib

A very (1) Anthony is (2) in the living room singing (3) in a deep opera voice. He suddenly trips over a (4). The (5) animal squeaks, "Please help me! My (6) is stuck in this (7)!"

Anthony being the (8) person that he is, grabs hold of his (9) and yanks hard. It doesn't budge and Anthony has to keep yanking it over and over. It looks really (10). Anthony finally frees the animal awkwardly by using his (11). Once free the animal runs out and says, "Thank you for saving me, (12) man."

But the celebration is cut short when Anthony accidentally drops a giant (13) on it. Killing it instantly. "Oh, (14)!" Anthony says.

Just then a (15) cop comes by riding on a (16) and beats him down with a (17). The cop arrests him saying, "You're under arrest for manslaughter and I'm pretty sure I saw you skip on a (13) earlier." The cop dances over to his body like (18).

Anthony wakes up in a jail cell covered in (19). He looks over and sees his (20) cellmate. His cellmate shakes his (21) talking in a (22) says, "(23) My name's (24). I'm in here for (25). What about you?"

Anthony lies saying, "I was caught (26) with my mom's (27)."

Anthony looks over seeing (28) get shanked with a (29) (30): his/her dying last words being, "(31)."

Anthony freaks out. "I can't die in here! I haven't even had a chance (32)!" Anthony tries to bend the bars with his (33) (34), but to no avail. Anthony breaks down crying like a (35).

The cop from before comes by and says, "Hey, (36), if you want out, it's gonna cost you."

Anthony says, "I'll do anything. I'm so (37)."

The cop says, "OK. I'll let you go if you (38) my (39)."

Anthony (40) agrees and does it.

The next day, Anthony was out of prison and back to (41). "Man," Anthony says, "what an (42) adventure."

Ian's Bowl Haircut is Possessed


  1. painting (verb)*
  2. Lorde (celebrity)
  3. sloth (animal)
  4. punches (action word (really a verb))
  5. pancreas (body part)
  6. Kool-Aid (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  7. twerks (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  8. taint (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  9. The Grinch (official name of holiday character)
    1. Barack Obama (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  10. Minnesotan (region of the world accent)
  11. stare at (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  12. cockroach (item found under sink)
  13. Fart (verb)
  14. thrusts (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  15. fallopian tube (body part)
  16. wanks (verb)
  17. poop (item found in a bathroom)*
  18. Wii controller (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  19. impregnates (verb)
  20. Aquaman (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  21. liquifies (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  22. Amanda Bynes (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  23. pouncing (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  24. cheese (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  25. colossal (adjective)
  26. bedazzles (adjective)
  27. coffee mug (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  28. dances (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  29. condom (object)*
  30. drips on (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  31. butt plug (object)
  32. nakedly (adjective)
  33. hornswoggle (verb)
  34. teen girl's underwear (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  35. 283 (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  36. shirtless (adjective)
  37. Las Vegas (state in the U.S.A. (not an actual state))
  38. Scottish yodels (verb)
  39. doo rag (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  40. spanking (not mentioned before the Smosh Lib)
  41. bacon Pop Tart (food item)
  42. PINK SPRINKLED BALLS (random exclamation)

Smosh Lib

Ian is sleeping in his bed, happily (1) a nude photo of (2). He wakes up when he hears a (3) noise. He (4) the bed and exclaims, "That of course is my doorbell!"

Ian opens the front door with his (5). The handle is covered in (6) and stuck. He (7) while he complains, "I can't believe this door is stuck." He slaps his (8) on it while talking to it. "This trick is called the Ol'(9) (10)."

He finally opens and sees a mailman who has a bad (11) accent. "You have to (12) this package using a (13)."

Ian grabs the package and annoyingly screams, "(14) you!" Ian (15) the door on the mailman's (16). Ian (17) the package with his (18). He opens it and sees a (19). He senses it's evil and (20) something. "Oh my (21), this (19) is haunted and wants to possess my bowl cut!"

The item (22) out of the box and attaches itself to his bowl haircut. He screams like (23). Ian is now (24) a (25) on his head. "I can't stop! My (26) bowl cut is making me do this!" He (27) a (28), and then (29) on a (30) and finally (31) a (32).

He is defeated but then (33) exclaims, "I randomly remember an ancient remedy for getting rid of possessed bowl haircuts! I just have to (34) my hair with a (35) (36) times in a row!" Ian does this, but it doesn't work. Ian is dejected and (37). He speaks in a (38) accent. "Wait. I know how I can fix it and no one will ever know the difference."

Ian repeatedly (39) on the couch where he has a (40) on his head. He looks over. "Hey Anthony, like my new haircut?"

We see Anthony (41) a (42). Anthony looks over at Ian in disgust.

Ian screams, "(43)!"


Anthony thought that the Smosh Libs were interesting while Ian also thought it was awesome and so fun. Anthony also felt violated and said to the viewers if they like the video, they should leave a like and comment about any ideas they should do as well. Anthony also said Ian and him likes doing this new stuff and they'll be in next week's episode. After saying their goodbyes, Ian acts like he's in Super Panty Mode by covering his head with a panty and walks away with it. Anthony tells the viewers that this is what he has to deal with.


Horny Cellmate (Smosh Libs)/Script



  • This is the first Smosh video of the year 2014.
  • Mad Libs of Smosh video scripts were previously done on the Food Battle: The Game livestream.
  • Anthony as Miley Cyrus was previously seen in Stop Miley.
  • While Anthony is reading his madlib, The text on the bottom of the screen says "bend" but Anthony reads it as "break".
  • The mailman screams in pain when saying "Ow! My fallopian tubes!". This was previously said by Peter in HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE!. Both contradict real life, as the Fallopian Tube is a female body part.
  • The Horny Cellmate is holding a "Sexy Anthony" Playgirl Magazine.
  • While Ian is "pouncing a cheese" on his head, Anthony is seen in the mirror filming the scene.
  • In Ian's madlib, he is wearing his "#1 Dad" shirt from I Have a Secret Son (when acting as Anthony).
  • While Ian is reading his madlib, the line was supposed to be " he looks over at Ian in disgust". But the text at the bottom of the screen says "as he looks over at Ian is disgust".
  • As revealed in the bloopers, Ian was drawing "Lorde" on the back of a Smosh fan art painting.
  • Like previous episodes, Ian wakes up on the bed from Sleeping Pill Disaster.

Shut Up! Opening

The blank man touches the blank with his blank. (slurps) I bet it's his penis. SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Thanks for blanking! Yeah, just fill in the blank with uh whatever verb you want. Let's see, it could be running, or sleeping, or taking a **** lip ****i********. Okay maybe not that one; don't don't don't do that one.



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