Hookin' to Stay Alive is the sixty-second installment of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on November 29th, 2013 on both and YouTube.


The Smosh Games crew play a new game called Speedrunners.


The bottom 3 people have to fit the contents of an entire cup of chocolate pudding in their mouth without swallowing.

Round 1

  • Anthony (Hothead): 2 pts
  • Lasercorn (Speedrunner): 3 pts
  • Ian (Unic): 0 pts
  • Mari (Cosmonaut Comrade): 1 pt

Round 2

  • Ian (Unic): 2 pts
  • Mari (Cosmonaut Comrade): 1 pt
  • Jovenshire (Speedrunner): 0 pts
  • Sohinki (Hothead): 3 pts

Round 3

  • Jovenshire (Speedrunner): 0 pts
  • Sohinki (Hothead): 3 pts
  • Anthony (Cosmonaut Comrade): 1 pt
  • Lasercorn (Unic): 0 pts


  • 1st place: Sohinki (6 points)
  • =2nd place: Anthony (3 points)
  • =2nd place: Lasercorn (3 points)
  • =4th place: Ian (2 points)
  • =4th place: Mari (2 points)
  • Last place: Jovenshire (Zero)


  • Sohinki and Flitz previously played this game in the Cage Match Challenge episode Speedrunner Boners.
    • However, this time it was pointed out by the rest of the group as the reason why Sohinki won.
  • In this episode Mari lost her streak for the most consecutive episodes without a loss, ending with 8. If she managed to continue 3 more episodes without losing, she would have beaten Anthony's record of 10.
  • Everyone said that Mari was wrong and that Unic's name was "Unie", when the character's name is actually Unic in the game.

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