Holy Crap! 2 Billion Views!
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January 18, 2013 (Smosh)
January 20, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Smosh cast members, made-up characters

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HOLY CRAP! 2 BILLION VIEWS! is a Smosh video uploaded on January 18th, 2013. It contains many characters from previous Smosh episodes, as well as the crew from Smosh Games.


Ian and Anthony get out of their limousine and thank Link, who is their chauffeur. Anthony thanks the viewers for watching their videos for all these years. Ian says that they have over 2 billion video views, which (according to Ian) is the entire world population. Anthony points out that the world population is over 7 billion people (and counting), but Ian says it's close enough. Anthony says that they have a huge surprise in the back of the studio, only for Seymour Tantz (the director from BIGGEST ZIT EVER!) to yell at them. He, Boxman, That Damn Neighbor, and Ian's Mom were trying to film an action movie where Connor Kenway chops up Barbershop Pole with his tomahawk while the music from "ULTIMATE ASSASSIN'S CREED 3 SONG" plays.

Anthony says that they had no idea they were going to get that much views (while the Transformers from the Transformers Rap video walk behind them in the background), but Ian asks if he can go use the bathroom. Anthony asks why didn't he go before, but Ian answers that the limo had free milk, which Ian really didn't want to turn down. As Ian walks up the stairs to the bathroom, he accidentally bumps into Manspider, calling him Spider Man again. As Ian searches for the bathroom, he overhears Ash and the Metrosexual Hipster having a Pokémon battle. George Zazz was observing, only to get shocked by Pikachu's Thundershock, in which Benny Jean and Cletus laugh at George's expense.

Ian finds the bathroom and enters, only to find Mari sitting on the toilet playing Pokémon on the Game Boy Advance SP. She says that she and the other guys were having a Pokemon tournament, but Jovenshire, Sohinki and Lasercorn were in the shower, still waiting their turn, complaining that the water is on and Lasercorn complains that the Beef 'n Go he's eating tastes like balls. As Ian leaves, Sergeant Anous comes in and tells the three "virgins" that they have exceeded the maximum capacity of the shower, which is two grown men. The trio try to explain themselves, but Anous shouts "BULLS***!" and shoots them to death, only to confess that he's a virgin too. Anthony complains what's taking Ian so long as Billy Hamburger and the ghost of Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig pass by him. Ian walks downstairs, all done (by peeing his pants).

Ian and Anthony head into another door with Ian wondering about the surprise. Anthony then shows that he invited Duff Goldman as the surprise as he made a cake for the surprise much to Ian's dismay. Ian then gets mad that 2,000,000,000 people got them views and that he and Anthony gets to eat a cake and Anthony agrees with what he says and is disheartened. However Duff, knowing that they were going to be disheartened tells the two that he has rigged the cake with explosives so Ian and Anthony agree into exploding the cake.

The two put on safety gear as Duff gives them the Cake Esploder before heading to a safe place. Both Ian and Anthony pull down on the lever as the cake explodes in slow motion. After the cake explodes, the two congratulate the viewers for helping them get 2,000,000,000 views and being the most subscribed channel on Youtube before high-fiving each other. Ian and Anthony take a piece of the cake and Ian says "BITCH" to the camera after eating the cake.

After the subscription ending, the video shows how the cake explodes in slow motion.


Holy Crap! 2 Billion Views!/Script

Shut Up! Opening

Smosh? What's a Smosh? SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Thaaaaaaaaanks. We love you. *Laughs*

Trivia / Goofs

The new smosh games hq by daydreamerwonderland-d5s1lbz
  • The subscription ending showed that Smosh is the most subscribed channel on YouTube.
  • This is the second time the three main cast of Smosh Games (Jovenshire, Lasercorn, and Sohinki) are in a Smosh video. The first time was in "OMG! Smosh Games!".
  • Shut Up! Cartoons and El Smosh were the only Smosh channels that weren't referenced in this episode.
  • Ian came down the stairs and said he was done, but he really didn't go because he peed his pants.
  • After Anthony thanks Link, it looks like Link was driving in a regular SUV and not actually in the limo.
  • The Smosh cake had some stickers in it like a morph of Ian and Anthony, Charlie, a Food Battle Sign, the Potter Pill, and other characters like Sergeant Anous and Link.
  • Along the walls are Smosh fan art sent in on Mailtime with Smosh. Along the walls with the fan art are the 3 signs from "HITCHHIKING DISASTER!".
  • Starting with this episode, the blue background of the subscription ending screen has changed from light blue to dark blue.
  • Many Smosh characters and cast members cameo in this episode:
  • El Smosh's version comes the same day as Obama's presentation.
  • The day after the El Smosh version, Smosh hit over 7,000,000 subscribers.



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