Hit It Twice
Hit It Twice


August 6, 2012

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Nature Break



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Dr. Michael W. Hollingsworth, Graham, Katie, Susan, Emily, Lizzy, Ryan, Johnny

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Hit It Twice is the fifth cartoon for the Shut Up! Cartoons series Nature Break. It was released August 7, 2012.

Brief Summary: Dr. Hollingsworth shows us a world of meditation, magic and relationship loopholes.



A bear walks up to the ocean and pees in it. Nearby, penguins are watching.

Skit 1: Graham Crabbers and Katie Crab (Crabs)

Katie Crab starts off by pulling out a buisness card with her name on it. Graham Crabbers is wondering what it is. Katie says it is a buisness card and tells him to put it in his roll-a-dex. Graham says he doesn't have a roll-a-dex and he doesn't even have pockets. Katie says just to hold on to it. Graham says that she isn't even a business person. Katie responds by saying she is a buisness person. Graham has no clue what is going on and asks what kind of buisness does she do. Katie asks what kind of buisness does he do. It keeps going back and forth until Katie says why did he bother to make one because he has no buisness. This made Graham really confused but he looked at the buisness card and it had his name on it this time. Graham asks how she did that. Katie said MAGIC! They then get hit by a canonball.

Skit 2: Susan, Emily, and Lizzy (Llamas)

Susan sees Emily doing something and asks what she is doing. Emily answers her question by saying she is meditating. Susan asks how to do it. Emily says there is no right or wrong way but you just clear your mind of all thoughts. Susan thinks it is real easy for a dum-dum. Lizzy comes along and asks what they are doing. It repeats what happened up until Lizzy starts medatating. She screams and flails her head back and forth. Emily breaks in and asks what is she doing. Lizzy states she was medatating and there is no right or wrong way. Emily says that it is not the right way. Someone then scratches them off like a lottery ticket.

Skit 3: Ryan and Johnny (Cockroaches)

Johnny starts off by asking Ryan what his policy on dating older women is. Ryan states that there are a few factors that influences his decision, if she is married and in her 30's, go for it, if she is single, no way. Johnny starts to wonder why. Ryan says he doesn't need to feel that baby pressure but, if she is already locked down, get ready for the best, no strings attached, shag of your life. He said you don't even need to wear a condom. Always ask if their husband has a knife or sword collection. It is a total different equation if the girl is 40 and married but if she is single hit that. The best mamamias hang out in the lobby of the 4 seasons.

Shut Up! Opening

Hit that! You know what? Hit it Twice! SHUT UP!Cartoons

The South Asia Bird Watchers Club: Because a miner is a terrible thing to waste.


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