Hiding a Body
Do's and Don'ts 1


April 30, 2012

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Do's & Don'ts



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Jimmy, Susie, Gregory, Narrator, Henry (deceased), redneck rapist, Henry's mother

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Hiding a Body is the first cartoon for the Shut Up! Cartoons series Do's & Don'ts.

Brief Synopsis: To help you through your first clean up, Do's & Don'ts provides a step by step guide to hiding a body.


The kids killed Little Henry and were worried about him. The narrator says that although Russian Roulette is fun and a way of being popular these days, there are some consequences to follow. The kids didn't know what to and Jimmy decided to hide Little Henry under Susie's bed, but Susie jumps on Jimmy telling him she didn't want blood getting on her candy stash. The narrator tells the kids to not act stupid. Gregory thinks they should bring Henry back to life. The narrator says that taxidermy, cloning, and pet cemetery can work, but would Henry without a soul, Jimmy commenting that Jesus would ground him then. The narrator tells them that Henry isn't coming back, we are years away from having zombie technology, and they are out of wishes. Even the genie agrees. The narrators tells them to show no emotions, no evidence, and no witnesses when disposing the body, but luckily Gregory does not really shows his emotions. Jimmy didn't want to do it because it felt like homework. The narrator said it was close to being homework.

The narrator wanted to test the kids on where to hide the body. The kids didn't know, so the narrator leads them to a swamp. He said that it is popular to party moms and naughty nannies. Gregory said that the despair is smoothing. The narrator said that the mud and water can be use to camouflage the body. Also, the wildlife can eat the carcus, but don't go with redneck rapists. A redneck rapist came to the swamp and greeted the kids. The narrator leads the kids to a junkyard where vehicles and things die. He also believes that people should die there, only beware of redneck rapists. The redneck rapist came and greeted them again.

Jimmy thought that hiding a body was too risky. The narrator said to try something to the body that is popular. Susie thought of chemical decommission in which the narattor agreed. When Gregory made an annoying poem, Jimmy wished he would go away and it came true. Jimmy felt annoyed that he still had a wish. The narattor said that hydrofluoric acid can be used to dissolve flesh, but any silly billy it is better to use a base instead of an acid. So, it is better to use sodium hydroxide, also known as lye meaning you have to lie for the rest of your life and he hopes the kids to live with that. Susie agreed with the narrator. The narrator said to reduce the body into brown sludge to be officially cool. Susie and Jimmy dumped the body, Susie liked the chocolate made from the body, and thanked God. Jimmy wanted to know how dispose the body, so the kids make a chocolate shake stand. Henry's mom was looking for Henry and asked the kids. They pretended like they didn't know and tried selling her a chocolate shake out of his body.

The narrator said as a final stretch for a scene to be DNA free. So Susie lights the body on fire. While Susie is distracted, the narrator reminds Jimmy that there should be no witnesses, and he starts for Susie with a shovel.

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