February 14, 2014 (Smosh)
February 16, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Stevie, Kelly, Old Ian, Old Anthony, Anthony's grandson

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HIDE AND SEEK is a Smosh sketch, uploaded on February 14, 2014.


Ian and Anthony play an intense game of hide and seek...


The episode starts with Ian and Anthony making a deal on whoever wins a game of "Hide and Seek" gets to play Dragon Ball Z on TV. Anthony says that the Kinect sucks and tries to get Ian to choose a better grand prize other than playing Dragon Ball Z.

Anthony begins counting the last 2 numbers "9,10... Ready or not? Here I come, b**ch."

Ian is seen hiding underneath the living-room table and quietly laughs to himself while his arms are sitting on 2 chairs.

Anthony notices Ian's jeans and shoes behind the living-room curtains thinking it's Ian, but when Anthony opens the curtains, He only sees the jeans and shoes.

Anthony goes to the bathroom shower and opens the shower curtains only to find Ian's "Justin Bieber" blow-up doll.

Anthony notices a lump under Ian's blanket and says "Gee, I wonder where Ian is..."

Anthony jumps onto the bed and starts punching and kicking the lump, only to find Stevie lying down underneath and noticed his eye was injured.

Anthony apologizes and lifts the blanket over Stevie.

Anthony finally gives up and calls for Ian, but Ian won't come out.

Ian is still hiding and writes in his diary...

Day 1: I've been underneath this table for 3 hours now and Anthony is trying to lure me out, but I'm not going to fall for his dumb tricks

Anthony mockingly replies... "If you don't come out, I'm gonna play Dragon Ball Z without you, I'm going to eat all your pink sprinkled donuts, I'm going to use your blow-up doll, I'm going to pop all your bubble wrappers, I'm going to send all my nude photos to your Mom, I'm gonna eat your Grandpa's ashes."

Anthony sits at the table with a blue napkin wrapped around his neck and tells himself out-loud... "Well, since Ian isn't here, I might as well go play with my junk"

Ian (still hiding under the table) writes in his diary again...

Day 6: I finally found a friend, I can't even find his balls, so I'll have to do a gender theory. Like... um... Kelley. Yeah, Kelley sounds good.

Anthony is seen playing with his junk and states that it is no fun without Ian, because he used to watch Anthony play around with his junk.

Anthony decides to do a circle-jerk since Ian is not at the house.

Ian is still writing in his diary...

Day 10: Kelley looks down, maybe he... or her... I don't know, I still can't find his balls yet.

Ian talks with Kelley stating about why Kelley looks under the weather.

Kelley complains that he wants food, but mistakes it for Anthony. Ian says that he will not come out until Anthony finds him and admits that he is the greatest hider ever.

Anthony is holding a yearbook and uses an orange pen to circle some people that he hated in the past, but ends up circling them all and says in his head... "They're all jerky-jerks! I'm circling all these jerks!!"

Anthony gets bored and decides to go in the bathroom and masturbate.

Day 21: Anthony is still in the bathroom doing what sounds like weight-lifting or something, I'm getting really hungry. I need to find something to eat...

He stares at Kelley and he freaks out "No, Ian! Don't do it!"

Ian replies by saying that one tiny-nibble won't hurt, but Kelley complains saying it will hurt.

Ian struggles to eat Kelley, but ends up eating him anyway with Kelley screaming in horror.

Day ??

50 years later, an old Ian is sleeping in his hiding-spot and wakes up to see what time it was. Anthony peeks under the table and says... "What the hell are you doing down here?"

Ian (Grandpa) rejoices and tells Anthony that he must admit that he is the greatest hider of all time, but Anthony says strangely says...

"Uhh, Anthony is my... Grandpa?"

Ian looks over on the couch to find Anthony (Grandpa) playing Dragon Ball Z on Xbox 36 and asks how the Kinect works.

Anthony (Grandpa) says that the Kinect still sucks "balls"

The Kinect ends up replying... "Searching the internet for old men sucking balls"

Anthony (Grandpa) screams in horror "AAH! MY EYES!" to which Anthony (Grandpa) didn't want to see what was about to happened


Hide and Seek/Script


  • On YouTube, the episode is titled "Hide and Seek", while on it's titled "Best Hide and Seeker Ever!".
  • There were 2 running gags in this episode, Ian saying "frick nuggets" whenever he was found, and Anthony saying "frick balls" whenever he failed to find Ian.
  • After the previous video (Jurassic Pokemon), this is the second to use the new outro.
    • The outro's related video links to MY NEW HOT GIRLFRIEND, because Ian writes in his "man journal" like he does in that video.
    • This video had an epilogue after the subscription ending, similar to the previous one. With the addition of the new outro, Epilogues may be a permanent feature to future videos.
  • Stevie appears in this video after Smosh Vs Zombies. This is his first overall appearance in 2014.
  • When Anthony is hitting [what he thinks is] Ian on the bed, like always, it is the bed from Sleeping Pill Disaster.
  • According to Anthony at the end, Ian was missing for 50 years. It's impossible to survive 50 years without eating anything except for bread. It is also impossible for anyone living in the house not to use the dining table for 50 years.
  • Since Anthony was all alone, he tried figuring out things to do to pass his time by himself. All the things he proposed to do were: "playing with his junk," "having a circle jerk," and "beating his meat," (deleted scene). All those things which Anthony proposed were phrases the are all synonyms of masturbating. Though Anthony literally did those things.
  • One of Anthony's ways to lure Ian out from underneath the table is eating all of his [Ian's] Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donuts. Obviously, it refers to Food Battle.
  • Anthony looks similar to how he played his grandpa in MY GRANDPA'S DIRTY SECRET.
  • Old Anthony was holding the Xbox controller upside down.
  • Ian's bread, Kelly, is to similar to Chuck Noland's companion Wilson the volleyball in the 2000 drama film Cast Away.
  • When Ian was eating Kelly, it was really just a different piece of bread and not the real Kelly.
  • Xbox 36 is just Xbox 360 without the Zero at the end.

Shut Up! Opening

Ready or not, here I come! SHUT UP!


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