Hector is one of the main characters in Smosh Babies. He frequently curses, provides comic relief for most of the episodes and is friends with Anthony and Ian. He is shown to be very violent in the show, living out Mexican stereotypes. He also speaks with a thick Spanish accent and appears to have a crush on isla.


Hector's physical appearance has varied. In the latest seasons, he dons a purple and yellow tank top with a picture of a basketball in the middle. He also wears a red pirate hat with a pattern on it. In earlier seasons, he wore a lose teal-colored shirt with a green headband. He is bald, and wears a diaper like all the other babies. He also, strangely, has a moustache, despite being nowhere near puberty.


Most of Hector's dialogue is filled with curse words, and he often goofs around and cracks inappropriate jokes.

Born in Mexico, he usually talks like a stereotypical Mexican, ending many of his sentences with "man", although he exaggerates the stereotype often.

Hector often mentions and cracks jokes about women liking him.



Hector: "We could start calling me number 2!"

Singh: "Why would you want to be called that?"

Hector: "Because I'm the sh*t, man!"


- Hector has revealed in one episode that he is apparently a homosexual, despite not knowing what the term means.

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