(Note: This is not Ian's real family and is only based on Smosh videos and pictures.)

Notable Members

He's the spouse of Ester and Ian's great-great-great-great grandfather.

Charles K. Anthony

He's Ian's other great-great-great-great grandfather in his father's side.

Hester Brownwell

She's Charles's spouse and Ian's other great-great-great-great grandmother.

Gallahad Hecox

He's Ester's son and Ian's great-great-great grandfather.

Susan Brownell dickson

She's Gallahad's spouse and Ian's great-great-great grandmother.

Anita Hecox

She's Gallahad's daughter and Ian's great-great grandmother.

Jacques Strap

He's Anita's spouse and Ian's great-great grandfather.

Rose Hecox

She's Anita's sister.

Heather Hecox

She's Anita's other sister.

Phineas Q. Flynn

She's Heather's spouse.

Seymour Hecox

He's Anita's son and Ian's great grandfather.

Maud Bullface

She's Seymour's spouse and Ian's great grandmother.

Heather's children

There are six of them and they faked their deaths in a roller coaster accident.

Generations 5-7

Ian's grandmother (father's side)

She's Seymour's daughter.

Ian's grandfather (father's side)

He's Ian's grandmother's spouse from the father's side of the family. It's unknown if he gave Ian the creepy doll in I Can Hear Your Thoughts.

Ian's grandmother's (father's side) Alabama siblings

They are Ian's grandmother (father's side) siblings that moved to Alabama.

Octuplet mother

She's Ian's grandmother (father's side) sibling that gave birth to eight children.

Ian's grandfather (mother's side)

Ian's grandmother (mother's side)

She's the spouse of Ian's grandfather from the mother's side.

Stephan Andrew Hecox

He's known for being Ian's father. In Flappy Bird Ruined My Life, Ian thought he found where his father is.

Cheryl Hecox

She's Ian's mother whom doesn't seem too impress with his son.

Ian's ball

He's the brother of Ian's father.

Ian's sack

She's the spouse of Ian's uncle.

Alabama children

They're four children of the Alabama siblings, all named Zeke, and Ian's dad's cousins.


They're the children of the octuplet mother. They're names in order are Rick, Mick, Dick, Dick Jr., Chubs, Yoshi, Mario, and koopa.

nudist uncle

He's Ian's uncle. In Creepy Weird Nudist, he tricked Ian while disguised as Obama and killed him.

Ian's spouse

Ian tells his grandson the story of how he knows his spouse.