Haterz Gonna Hate
Zombies vs. Ninjas 3


May 18, 2012

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Zombies vs. Ninjas



Characters Featured:

Spencer, Tanzy, Rogi, Andre, Chris and Bartleby, Dr. Braynes

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Haterz Gonna Hate is the third episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Zombies vs. Ninjas. It was uploaded on May 18, 2012.

Breif Synopsis: The ninjas rescue a bunch of protesters against ninjas, where they learn that not everyone needs to be saved.


A bunch of people are yelling that they hate ninjas. The ninjas are just watching them from their balcony,Spencer then comes onto the balcony and asks Rogi,What's all the comotion. Rogi said that it was a "crazy anti ninja  preacher man and his so called congregation again," the man suddenly yells at Spencer saying,We hate you!.Spencer then yells back,Oh yeah,well I hate you,you stupid piece of ****.Tanzy tells Spencer that yelling back would not make them stop,Spencer then tells Tanzy that she is right and tells Dr Brains to rig them up some catapult's full of chicken ****,Dr Brains then says "Right away" and heads back to the ninjas basement. Bartleby warns Spencer that escalating the conflict was a imature reaction,Spencer told Bartleby that he wasn't being immature,he was just going to shower the ninja haters with bird feasty's.Tanzy tells Spencer that Bartleby was right and this was the ninjas chance to gain a neautural understanding,Spencer just groans and says,"Where's a hungry zombie hord when we need one."Andre suddenly then says,"Oopsy doopsy wake up the devil."As he had just seen a zombie hord approaching their house.One of the ninja haters turns round and also notices the zombie hord and says,"Reverin Boyle look."The other ninja haters then turn round to look and notice the zombie hord approaching. The ninja haters back towards the ninjas yard gate,one of the ninja haters then says,"We're trapped."Then the other ninja hater says,"I'm to everin to die."Then Reverin Boyle turns round to face the ninjas house and says,"Help us please we're noseend."Spencer then says that he needs a ninja to save his butt. Tanzy tells Spencer that the ninja haters were men and were going to be devoured.Spencer said that he didn't see it downside,Bartleby tells Spencer that Tanzy was right.But Spencer told the other ninjas that he was in charge of security and said that nobody was going to open the gate but then Tanzy,Rogi,Andre and Chris and Bartleby jumped off the balcony leaving Spencer alone on the balcony.The ninjas opened their yard gate to let the ninja haters in and the ninjas shut the gate,leaving the hungry zombies outside the yard but one of the zombies gets through and bites one of the ninja haters bottoms,the ninja hater then killed the zombie with her sign and then turned to show the audience the wound and said,"Little mainded,that can't be good."


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