Harry's Meme

Harry Mandichz is a champion bear wrestler and hyper-masculine spokeman for Makeup For Men (Smosh Season 2011 Episode 34). Harry is portrayed by actor & Smosh crew member Ethan Ireland

Though Harry is a peripheral Smosh character, he maintained a Twitter feed from October 2011 through mid-September 2014. On his twitter he posts ridiculously hyper-masculine tweets and photos. Harry appears to only communicate by shouting, as evidenced by his pitch-style in the single episode where he appears, and his horrible abuse of caps lock on his Twitter feed. Absurdly, and despite his hyper-masculinity, Harry appreciates seemingly effeminate things such as makeup, china, crystal and knitting (he also owns a poodle named "Susie.")  By this same token, Harry will cheer certain things as "manly" and jeer other things as being "girly" or "sissy."  Due to the fact that both male and female Twitter followers have been referred to as either "manly" or "girly," it appears Harry does not attach any gender significance to these terms; they appear to his way of describing things he finds either "cool" or "lame," respectively. Harry has become a minor internet meme -- a sort of Chuck Norris analogue -- among Smosh fans.

Miscellaneous information

  • Mere months before Harry's debut, Kevin Wu, another popular YouTube video uploader at the time, had popularized bear wrestling.