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February 1, 2009

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Hardcore Max 2 is a Smosh video uploaded on February 1, 2009.

Brief Synopsis: The sequel and last continuity to Hardcore Max. This time, Max has got a car and shows off how cool he is.



Max got a car that's really sweet
Doesn't wear a seatbelt cause that's for geeks
Not just that, but it chafes his neck
And he thinks that its stupid as heck

Max! Max! Max! Max just got a car! Yeah, a car! A 2 door freakin car!
It's fast! It's fast! It's really freakin fast, and it is really badass

Max doesn't stop at stop signs
Cause they're retarded
What is that smell I'm smelling?
He just farted

Never signals while changing lanes
Drives with no hands cause he's insane
And if you think that is absurd
He'll turn to you and flip a bird

Max! Max! Max! Max just got a car! Yeah, a car! A 2 door freakin car!
It has gold rims, they are really sick, yeah like Max, Max is really sick

He talks on his cell phone
He doesn't use a blue tooth
And if you dent his car
He'll hit your face like Babe Ruth

Uses the most expensive gas
And his driving driving skills are unsurpassed
Does donuts every chance he gets
He's even cooler than Pete Wentz

Max! Max! Max! Max just got a car! Yeah, a car! A 2 door freakin car!
He will get his License in 6 months, right now he has a provisional license

Wait, he only has his provisional drivers license? But that means he needs a parent riding in the car at all times. WHAT? His mom's been in the back seat the whole time? So she's condoning these illegal activities?! Shame on you Max's mom! Shame!

Max! Lookout! A Cliff! Right in front of you! Yeah, a cliff! A big ass freakin' cliff!
Crap, you are flying off the cliff, I hope you are wearing your seat belt

Oh wait, he's not wearing his seat belt
I guess he didn't like how it felt
Now he's broken his manly legs
Let's hope he wont repeat the same mistakes



  • The song is available on the Smosh album If Music Were Real.
  • This video, along with Cat Soup and Crybaby, was part of the "Smosh Speedup Sweepstakes" by Smosh and PUMA, where the 3 videos mentioned above were sped up with differences form the original videos.
  • The Speedup Sweepstakes differences in this video include:
    1. The long "Max" at the beginning has cks at the end instead of x.
    2.  When Max blows the stop sign, the Teleporting Fat Guy is seen standing on a roof. 
    3.  When Max drives his car off the cliff, you can see that it's a Smart car, and not his own.
  • The opening tune of the song was recently heard in the 2013 video Sleeping Pill Disaster. It was heard at the mark where Anthony was about to fart in lan's face.



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