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April 21, 2007

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Handshake is Smosh video uploaded on April 21, 2007.

Brief Synopsis: Ian and Anthony have a shaky reunion.


Ian and Anthony walk past each other, and they greet eachother with a handshake. Anthony asks Ian a bunch of questions, like how his wife is doing, in which Ian responds, "I don't have a wife." He then asks Anthony wants to get some tacos, but Ian says that I hate some tuna. Throughout this whole time, Anthony continues to shake his hand, and Ian starts to get uncomfortable. Anthony then compliments his sweater, but Ian says he has to go. Anthony doesn't let go of his hand, but instead attempts to tell Ian a joke. Ian tries to get out of Anthony's grasp, but in doing so, has his arm ripped off. Ian falls to the ground in pain.

He is later seen walking down the sidewalk and holding his arm. He walks up to a table with a sign that says, "Pre-owned Arms For Sale $5." Anthony, wearing Groucho glasses, is sitting behind the table. Ian reads his nametag, "Hello my name is NOT Anthony." He then picks up the arm, glares into Anthony's eyes, and asks, "How much for the arm?"


  • The fake severed arm in this video is a classic Smosh Prop. It was one of the items for sale in Smosh Sued for $20 Million (April Fools), and it has been seen in Smosh videos like the Food Battle Series, Quest for the Scooter, the two Billy Mays Episodes, and others.
  • Ian asks how much the arm costs when the sign clearly says, "Pre-owned Arms For Sale $5."

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