Halo Joust Bang! is the fifty-fifth installment in the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on October 4, 2013 on and on October 11, 2013 on YouTube.


The Smosh Games crew play Halo in Joust mode.


Members of the losing team had to joust in real life but in the end they fought the penultimate team.


  • Ian and Jovenshire - Ianshire
  • Mari and Lasercorn - Maricorn
  • Sohinki and Anthony - Sohanthony


  • Ianshire vs Maricorn 5-3
  • Sohanthony vs Maricorn 3-5
  • Sohanthony vs Ianshire 5-0


  1. Maricorn 8-8*
  2. Sohanthony 8-5*
  3. Ianshire 5-8

*Since they counted only won rounds, there was a final round between Sohanthony and Maricorn (with only collisions and grenades). The final round was won by Maricorn.


  • The Name of this video was once again (see Drunk Driving in GTA 5) changed when uploaded on YouTube. On it was released as "Get Ready To Joust!".
  • This is the third Halo game that was played in Smosh Game Bang (previously in Halo Reach and Protect the Flag).
  • This Game Bang is rather unusual because Sohanthony had the same amount of wins as Maricorn but fewer losses, resulting in a higher win/loss ratio. Which means that Sohanthony would have won this Game Bang based on these results and no tiebreaker would have been in effect.
    • If the teams were won based on matches everyone would do the punishment.

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