Halloween Just Dance is the 110th installment of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang

It was uploaded on 31st October 2014 on both and YouTube.


The Smosh Games crew break it down once again in Just Dance 2015. Although this time they will dance individually and then together in "Blitz mode". Their Blitz scores would then be added to their individual scores. What's more, everyone is dancing in some kind of costume which can make dancing even more difficult.


  • Anthony: Babushka (Russian Grandmother)
  • Ian: Man riding Ostrich
  • Jovenshire: Pirate (the Paranormal Pirate)
  • Lasercorn: Shark
  • Mari: Mexican/Taco (Mari Taco-hashi)
  • Sohinki: King (Sokingki)
  • Punishment costumes: Adam (Jovenshire) & Eve (Ian)


The two lowest scoring players will have to do a duet dance.

Turn order and Songs Danced to

  1. Lasercorn: Ellie Goulding - Burn
  2. Jovenshire: Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang
  3. Ian: Lady GaGa - Bad Romance
  4. Anthony: The Bouzouki's - Epic Sirtaki
  5. Sohinki: Ariana Grande - Problem
  6. Mari: Ylvis - What Does the Fox Say?
  7. Blitz dance: Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out for a Hero
  • Punishment dance: The Platters - Only You (And You Alone)


  • 1st place: Sohinki - 13671
  • 2nd place: Mari - 10182
  • 3rd place: Lasercorn - 9228
  • 4th place: Anthony - 8914
  • 5th place: Jovenshire - 7697
  • 6th place: Ian - 4133


  • This is Ian's 6th dancing punishment (also his 3rd last place punishment for a dancing game).
    • This is the 4th time Ian has lost in a Just Dance Game
    • This is the 4th time Ian had to dance to a female artist's song and the 4th time he had to mimic to a female dancing avatar
    • This is the 3rd time Ian placed dead last in a Just Dance Game and the 3rd time he had to dance as a female as punishment
    • This is the 2nd time Ian has danced to a Lady Gaga Song
  • Flitz appears in episode but he only holds the hat with titles of the songs and is not competing.
    • This would make him the first person to not contest in a Game Bang even though he appears in the episode and on the sideline.

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