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February 4 2011 (Smosh)
April 18, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Biatch

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HOT ROBOT SLAVE! is a Smosh video that was uploaded on February 4, 2011.


Ian and Anthony's laziness results in the purchase of a robotic female slave to do their biddings, but things quickly take a wrong turn.


Ian tells Anthony to help out in cleaning the house because the news is coming over to interview Ian for his, as Anthony puts it, "stupid internet show where you talk to your camera like an idiot." Ian tells Anthony it's not stupid and to help out so that the news doesn't think they're slobs. Anthony denies this only for the camera to zoom out to reveal lots of trash around him. A commercial plays and a man in the commercial (Ian) asks if their house was so messy that they "passed out from the smell of old rotting food," in which Ian and Anthony say yes. He then asks if they need a slave to do their work for them. Anthony says no, but Ian says yes. The man then describes a robot slave to do their work for them. The only thing they would need to do is give it a command phrase and use it after the command (the man's command phrase for his robot is "dingleberries"). He then says that they can do anything they want to the robot since it isn't human, even drive you places. But he then warns that they probably shouldn't do that if they get an Asian robot, only for the man to say, "Wow, that was really f***ing racist."

Later, Ian drags in a giant box as Anthony is annoyed that Ian even ordered one. As they open the box, the discover that their robot Biatch takes on the form of a hot woman. The robot activates and requests the command phrase. Ian comes up with "Biatch." Anthony questions this, so Ian desides to test it out by telling the robot, "Clean up the house, Biatch!" The robot then crouches down and starts to clean the house. Later, Ian and Anthony start to command the robot to do various tasks, including washing Ian's car, going into the kitchen to make Ian a sandwich, give Anthony a new haircut and change Ian's diaper. Though, Anthony was standing there confuses, making Ian laugh awkwardly and cancels the command. Ian then runs off to do his show. Anthony asks the robot if they told her that she's beautiful, only to respond, "Does not compute." Anthony then commands the robot to make them a romantic dinner.

Ian's internet show, "8 Equals Dee" (or 8=D), consists of Ian, with a spiky haircut, talking in the camera in the style of Ray William Johnson videos. He calls Anthony a "gullible dick" (which reads gullible pee-pee), then talks about Ian giving the robot several commands, including changing a diaper. He then describes how Anthony was standing there as Ian commanded her to change Ian's diaper. Ian says that changing a diaper would be "gross and expensive, kinda like Heidi Montag's boobs." Ian then concludes his show.

Anthony was having dinner with the robot, though every question he asks, the robot replies, "Does not compute." Anthony then commands her to "Put the food in [her] mouth, Biatch." The robot then slams her face on the table, putting her face on the mashed potatoes. Ian walks in and asks what's going on, only to see the robot turn towards him with mashed potatoes on her face, causing Ian to scream. Ian restarts his show and tells the audience about the dinner. He then says that he will take the robot out of the picture to teach Anthony a lesson. Ian tries to do several methods to get rid of the robot. Ian tries to knock her out using a cloth and chloroform, but she doesn't breathe, making the method have no effect. He tries to karate chop her neck, but it hurts Ian's hand since she's made of metal. He then tries to push her in the closet to no avail, only to give up and say, "Can you just go in the closet, Biatch?" The robot responds and walks into the closet.

Ian puts on a wig and lipstick and calls for Anthony, who comes in asking for a date. But Ian, pretending to be the robot, tells Anthony that he can't love him anymore. Ian tells Anthony that the robot Biatch's in love with Ian, who (according to Ian), "is super hot and muscular and he has a gigantic... processor." Anthony was going to propose to the robot only for Ian to say, "If you love me, you'll let me go." Anthony then tells the robot for a good-bye kiss by using the command phrase. Though as Ian tries to refuse, Anthony turns him around and then proceeds to kiss him. Ian tries to resist and in a slow motion scene, have their faces crash into each other.

Anthony asks why Ian's pretending to be the robot. Ian tells Anthony that there are plenty of real girls to obsess over and not a robot with "exceptional breasteses." Anthony agrees, only to ask Ian why he's wearing lipstick if he wasn't planning to show his face. The robot breaks out of the closet saying, "If I can't have you, no one can!" Ian pushes Anthony to fight her, Street Fighter II style. As Ian cheers Anthony on, the robot starts to punch Anthony in the face over and over again and once in the groin. Ian tells Anthony to crouch and kick. Anthony crouches and kicks the robot in the groin, causing her health bar to deplete very quickly. The robot was stunned and Ian yells for Anthony to "finish her!" Anthony finishes the robot off with a Shoryuken, knocking her out and winning Anthony the fight.

It then reveals that Anthony and the robot were playing as themselves on a Street Fighter II arcade machine. The robot says to Anthony, "You have defeated me, but you are a cheater and you have gay hair." The robot then leaves the house. Ian congratulates Anthony, who says that they learned a valuable lesson: Always be yourself.

However, Ian comments on this on 8 Equals Dee, saying, "'Always Be Youself'? More like 'Always Pee Youself!'" Ian then says that the only time he pees himself was when he saw Amy Winehouse without makeup. Ian then concludes his show... but the logo on the bottom right corner of the screen has completely changed from 8=D to =3, revealing that Ray William Johnson is reviewing the video on his show "Equals Three." Ian then stands up, revealing that he had peed his pants. Ray comments, "Unless this is some kind of weird German porn, nobody want to see him piss himself!" Ray's video ends with a comment from the IanH channel, saying, "Amy Winehouse: I'd still hit it."


  • The girl who played the robot slave is named April, and was one of the girls who auditioned for the host of Smosh Pit Weekly.
  • The name of Ian's web show is 8=D, and this is a parody of Ray William Johnson's =3. Also, the logo for the show resembles a penis.
  • Right after the picture of Amy Winehouse without makeup goes away, 8=D turns into =3.
  • Anthony's celebration after winning the fight against the robot was the same as one of Chun-Li's celebrations in Street Fighter II.
  • This video has been dubbed for El Smosh, but with a female computer generated voice for the Hotbot.
  • The backwards Shut Up opening was from a YTP version of My Mom's AMAZING Video!
  • The "Beyotch" after commands is a reference to a 2005 film,"Zathura: A Space Adventure" in which Walter,tells his robot,"Get me a Juice Box,biatch"

Subscription Ending

"Make sure you subscribe, beeyotch! Oh wait, you're not a robot. Well, do it anyway, beeyotch!"

Shut Up! Opening

"!PU TUHS... (Shut up reversed, then rewind sounds) ...SHUT UP!"



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