Going to the Mountains
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August 23, 2008

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Characters Featured:

Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, an Elf and his twin brother, Darry Elderhorn (flashback), some guy who got his bike stolen by evil elf (flashback)

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Going to the Mountains is a Smosh video uploaded on August 23, 2008.


Ian and Anthony are in a car, driving to the mountains while they sing a song called "Going to the Mountains". However, they run out of gas and Anthony tells Ian he gave him the gas money, but Ian spent it on an "Easy" Button. (Which says, "That was easy!"). Anthony tells Ian that he's an idiot & gets out of the car to put on a camp pack.

They both decide to get some gas, and Anthony brings a camp pack in case they got lost. Ian brought his dad's Beretta 92FS in that case. Ian decided to also bring his "Easy" Button, because he thought it was his good luck charm, but Anthony throws it away into the woods. Ian makes Anthony find it with him, and Anthony says he's gonna owe Ian "big bucks". Then, Anthony and Ian hear a noise. Anthony takes out a shovel, and Ian takes out his pistol. A high-pitch voiced elf appears and says that they are in great danger. However, Ian thinks he is a demon and ruthlessly shoots the elf before he can finish his sentence. Ian and Anthony found the "Easy" Button which the elf landed on his head with & there's broccoli in the elf's hand, which Anthony grabs because it is the only food he can find.

A few seconds later, Anthony has to defecate, and Ian uses Anthony's binoculars to possibly find something to get to their car. But then, Anthony notices that he had no toilet paper and asks Ian where is it. Ian says it's in Anthony's backpack, but Anthony tells Ian that there's only sandpaper. Ian tells Anthony to just use the sandpaper because he gets tired of his complaining, then Anthony screams in pain on using sandpaper in substitution of toilet paper.

Then, Ian found their car. They approached to it, and another elf came out with a Heckler & Koch MP5A3. He tells them to hand him the red button, because he says it possesses a great power that humans are incapable of understanding. Ian tells the elf that he got it from a homeless guy. But the elf says that it wasn't a homeless guy, and that it was a rouge wizard with a drinking problem named Darren Aldaho. The elf had to follow Ian in order to obtain the button, so he stole someone's bike & followed them to the mountains. He then used a rifle and shot the car's gas tank and waited for Anthony and Ian to get off. The elf was about to kill both of them, but he couldn't because of Anthony threw the button away. He had to follow them again. Ian cut him off and said that he shot the elf about 10 times. However, that was his identical twin brother, who he sent out to make Anthony eat broccoli laced with laxatives. The two elves were actually hiding behind a rock at the exact time Anthony & Ian heard noises that made them aware something was following them. But instead, he tried to warn them about his brother's plan, but Ian killed him and Anthony ate the broccoli with laxatives anyway. Ian asked why the broccoli had laxatives, so the elf said that he knew Anthony had to poo after eating it, so he replaced the toilet paper with his sandpaper infested with flesh-eating viruses while he was pooping. But then he found out that he was immune to them according to Anthony's medical record. The elf was going to kill them, but Anthony mentioned that the elf didn't tell them what the button does. So, the elf tells them that the button grants wishes just by giving a command to the Easy Button. Ian made a wish that everyone in the entire world had a boner. Then, the elf gets a boner denying that he does and ran away saying he will be back. Anthony then asked Ian what a boner is, as they also have it as well.

This episode was said that it was based on a true story.


Going to the Mountains/Script

Shut Up! Opening

"Pretty birdie! Yes you are! You're so pretty-- SHUT UP!"

Subscription Ending

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Trivia / Goofs

  • It is unknown why Anthony gave Ian only 5 dollars for gas, as in 2008 (the year the video was made) that would only buy up to a few gallons.
  • The evil elf does not have sharp common sense as he was armored with a rifle & a pistol but did not immediately use them to kill Ian & Anthony when he had the opportunity. He could have just killed them right before Ian had granted the wish to give everybody in the world a boner.
  • The Easy Button never appeared again despite Ian & Anthony know understanding the power of it. However, the Easy Button did appear in If Scary Movies Were Real but was not used by Ian or Anthony.
  • This was written on the paper that jester had:

Anthony's Medical Record

Immune to:

  • Cobra Venom
  • Groin Punches
  • Peer Pressure
  • Flesh-Eating Viruses
  • Rabies
  • Shark feces

Not Immune to:

  • Scurvy
  • Bullets
  • Whooping Coughs
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Water
  • Death



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