German and Israeli Taste Test?! is the 186th episode of Smosh is Bored released June 30, 2014.

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This is another Foreign Food Test. Ian and Anthony taste test foods from Germany and Israel. However, these are all foods that were sent to them at least a year ago, so how will this test go?


Pick-Up 7/10 (expired January 1, 2014)

"Albino Baby Sh*t" (Osem Bamba) - 2/10 (expired April 10, 2013)

Sadex Brause-Stäbchen - 4/10

"Corn" (Osem Mini-Croutons) - 4/10 (expired April 29, 2013) 

Knoppers - umh...ugh...ughlughl...bluuuuuuuuueh oilughlughlugh DEUTSCHLAND/10 (expired February 27, 2012 - OH MY GOD! OVER 2 YEARS OLD! 😨 )

Osem Bissli - ughlughlughlughlughgrl *cough* *gag* *choke*/10 (expired June 2013)

Kinder Riegel - 4/10 (expired July 2012)

Osem Bissli (different flavor, also expired June 2013) 6/10  

Ritter Sport Mini-Chocolates (yogurt, hazelnut, biscuit, latte, cornflakes, marzipan, nougat) - I HATE MY LIIIIIIIIFE/10 (They were only a few months expired. Ian bit into them all at once, maybe they weren't good eaten together)

Osem Strawberry Bamba - 7/10 (expired over a year ago, might've been the same expiration date as the original Bamba)

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